Serbia Sundays: Serbia’s Best Band Van Gough

Serbia Sundays….again, it is all about premium guests.
This time we proudly present Van Gogh, one of the most popular bands in Serbia nowadays, formed in January 1986. Later that year, their first album “Van Gogh” was released. They played a lot of shows but broke up and didn’t play until 1990. In a new line-up, with Zvonimir Djukic (alias Djule Van Gogh) as a singer, guitarist and frontman, they released their second album “Svet je moj” (“The World Is Mine”) in 1991. With the third album “Strast” (Passion, 1993.) Van Gogh became a powerful trio. The next album “Hodi” (can be translated as “Walk” but also as “Come On”, 1996.) turned them into superstars in Serbia: according to more than 20.000 people who have voted in 1998. on the Internet, Van Gogh was officially the best rock’n’roll band in the country. With albums such as “Opasan ples” (“Dangerous Dance”, 1999.), “DrUnder” (2002.) and “Kolo” (“The Circle”, 2006), they managed to keep that position. In May 2007 & November 2009. in a packed Belgrade Arena, Van Gogh played their biggest shows to date.

Van Gogh in 2007. received MTV’s Best Adriatic Act award in Munich, Germany.

Today’s line-up: Djule Van Gogh (vocals/guitar), Srboljub Radivojevic (drums).

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Serbia Sundays: Traiditonal Folk Songs of Zvonko Bogdan

Zvonko Bogdan PhotoOn February 16, Serbia Sundays…proudly presents, Zvonko Bogdan, an eminent performer of traditional folk songs of Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania He is also a composer, painter and harness racer.

During the turbulent 1990s and Yugoslav wars, Bogdan largely withdrew from public performances. As he explained, “Simply, I wasn’t in a mood to work. Also, the piracy took so much momentum that I was sick even of thoughts of composing and music… I hope those ugly times have gone and that we would be able to live like humans again”

In 2004, Bogdan performed in Novi Sad for the Exit festival, mostly devoted to pop/rock, also held on Petrovaradin fortress; it was a tribute of new generations to the old bard and the site which was the cornerstone of traditional music.

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Serbia Sundays: Guitar Virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski

Vlatko Stefanovski photo

On February 9. “Serbia Sundays” and exclusive guest from Skopje (Macedonia), guitar virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski.

“…He started playing guitar at the age of 13. In his late teens he formed the group “Leb i sol” which became one of the most important names in the music scene of former Yugoslavia. “Leb i sol” released 14 albums and had toured around the world.

Since the mid- nineties Stefanovski has developed a very successful solo career. He has recorded remarkable solo releases, like “Cowboys & Indians”, “Sarajevo”, “Vlatko Stefanovski trio”, “Kula od karti”, “Thunder from the blue sky” etc. The collaboration with Miroslav Tadic,
on the albums “Krushevo”, “Treta majka”, “Live in Belgrade”, and “Live in Zagreb” put a new light on Vlatko’s acoustic guitar work, and his further exploration of the Macedonian traditional music.

In the last several years he has played and recorded all around the world with many top artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg, Gibonni, Jan Akkerman, Theodosii Spassov, Stefan Milenkovic, Kudsi Erguner, Bojan Z., Manu Katche, Toni Levin, and many others. His recent work also includes music for films, theatre and ballet.

As a soloist Vlatko has performed and recorded with numerous orchestras and enesmbles, like London Simphony Orchestra, MDR Leipzig Simphony Orchestra, Monte Carlo Philcharmony Orchestra, Tonkunstler orchestra from Vienna, Simphonieta Orchestra from Sophia, Slovenian philharmony orchestra – Ljubljana, Student symphony orchestra from Skopje – Macedonia, FoolCool Jazz big band, RTV Ljubljana Big Band, Croatian HTV big band, RTV Srbija Big band etc.

Stefanovski is well known for his unique guitar technique and tone. With hisVlatko Stefanovski Trio he has performed around the world…”

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Momir Bulatovic on Serbia Sundays

Momir Bulatovic photo

Serbian Sundays on February 2nd proudly presents Mr. Momir Bulatovic. He formerly served as a Yugoslavian and Montenegrin politician. Bulatovic became federal President of Montenegro (1990-1998) while Montenegro was a part of Yugoslav Federation and also Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1998-2000). Member of Serbian team at the piece negotiation in Dayton and one of the closest Milosevic allay. He was the last man saw Milosevic alive in the prison cell of the International Court of Law in Hague. Today he lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Serbia Sundays…proudly present Branislav “Branko” Milićević

Branko Kockica

Serbia Sundays…proudly present Branislav “Branko” Milićević.

Also known by his nickname Branko Kockica (Branko the Little Cube), is a Serbian actor popular for his roles in children’s TV shows.

He became famous for his work on a television series for children entitled Kocka, kocka, kockica (Cube, Cube, Cubelet) which was on the air for several decades. His work is admired in all region of former Yougoslavia.

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100 Year Anniversary of WWI on Serbia Sundays

Emir Kusturica photo

2014 is the 100 year anniversary of  World War I, one of the most significant events of the 20th Century. Historian Institute from “Andric City” (Andricgrad), Visegrad, Republic of Srpska, city that famous movie director Emir Kusturica built in the name of Nobel Price literacy Winner Ivo Andric documentary, reveled one document that shows us a different picture about who started the war and why.

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Exclusive Interview with Milorad Pupovac on Serbia Sundays


“Although some are assuring us that no campaign against the Serbs or the Cyrillic Script is being led in Croatia, too much has been said to confirm that such a campaign is being lead. The Cyrillic Script is being proclaimed as a script of an aggressor. Serbs are also being accused to have been falsely registered during the population census, not to mention other accusations,” Milorad Pupovac, the SDSS (Independent Democratic Serbian Party) in Croatia says for “Serbia Sundays…” in exclusive interview from his home in Zagreb, Croatia. Tune in this Sunday at 4:00 pm for more.

Gost “Srbije nedeljom…” Milorad Pupovac, Predsednik Srpskog narodnog vijeca u Hrvatskoj i clan Sabora govori o tome kako reaguju Srbi iz Hrvatske na poziv “Za dom spremni…” i kako dozivljavaju sukob sa HDZ-om u cijoj su vladi, njihovi predstavnici sedeli osam godina. “Dolaze teska vremena za Srbe u Hrvatskoj…” porucuje Milorad Pupovac u ekskluzivnom intervjuu za ”Srbiju nedeljom” iz Zagreba

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