Women’s Week 2018 on CJAM 99.1 FM

CJAM WOMEN'S WEEKPoster by: Crystal Waters

CJAM 99.1 FM is celebrating International Women’s Day over the airwaves all week long! From March 5th to March 11th tune in and hear your favorite shows paying tribute. Check out our participating programs below.

10:30am – Canadian Jam
2:30pm – The Good News
6pm – Gay and Girlie so Groovie

9am – Music From Planet Earth
10:30am – Everything’s No Good
5pm – Steel Belted Radio
6:30pm – Motor City is Burning

10:30am – Not Your Boys Club
1pm – Reel Sounds
2:30pm – The Windsor Scene
5pm – Sylvio & Soul
9pm – In the Garage

10:30am – Border City Roots
1pm – The Judy Adams Program
2:30pm – Following the Current
5pm – Underrated Grrls w/Taya
8pm – WinCity Sports
9pm – STEP01
10:30pm – Infinite Sound

1pm – Different Sounds
5pm – The Freedom Principle
6:30pm – Productive Confusion

3pm – Headspace
5pm – Jump Kat Jump
7pm – Revolution Rock
9pm – Cowgirls & Indies
midnight – The Trip!

5pm – Take Me Down Under
6pm – Positive Amplitude
8pm – Indie Guitar Swing

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