CJAM TOP 30!! February 20 – 26, 2023

Posted on by Mattu

A new week, a new top 30.

Radio City Zen Ukraine Benefit: Tuesday February 27 2023 1pm

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Here it is: This last week of February marks the one year anniversary of the brutal and illegal Russian imperial invasion of Ukraine. Along the many aid organizations across the globe, the region’s musicians and scene have released a lot of significant music to aid Ukrainians affected by the war.  There is the organization Musicians […]

CJAM TOP 30 & TOP SPECIALTY ALBUMS!! February 13 – 19, 2023

Posted on by Mattu

The latest from Atsuko Chiba takes #1, + 4 great new local releases fillin up our top 30!

CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! February 6 – 12, 2023

Posted on by Mattu

Happy V-day from CJAM! … here’s some charts.  BDR takin the top spot!  CJAM Live Session of them coming soon (eventually)!  

CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! January 30 – February 5, 2023

Posted on by Mattu

Been away on a vacation for a couple weeks so charts havent been posted to ye olde website, but you can always check em out HERE

Winter Favourites

Posted on by Guest Writer

— This review’s release was delayed due to school — Happy winter! November is Diabetes Awareness Month since it’s the birth month of Frederick Banting, AKA the guy who is saving my life without even knowing me. I have type one diabetes, which means for some reason, my body can’t produce insulin on its own. […]

Call for Support – Writing a Letter to MP for Local Journalism Initiative / Community Broadcasting Fund

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

The National Campus and Community Radio Association is asking campus radio stations across Canada to write to their Members of Parliament. The federal government is currently working on their 2023-2024 budget. One of the top priorities of the current federal administration is “the fight against disinformation.” The NCRA, along with the Community Radio Fund of […]

School-tember and Spook-tober Playlists

Posted on by Guest Writer

— This song review list was originally to be posted in October, but its release was hindered by school — School is upon us, which means everyone has less time on their hands than ever. That’s part of the reason I’m combining September and October’s song reviews together and writing shorter descriptions. With September’s, we’ll […]

CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! January 9 – 15, 2023

Posted on by Mattu

Here’s our top 30 for this week!


Posted on by Guest Writer

Here’s CJAMs top albums from 2022 that are “just noise and yelling” according to my mom

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