International Women’s Day Programming!


Special programs airing from March 5th to 11th! Scroll down the list of great shows!



Start the week with ORACLE at 9:00 am. Renee features influential women in folk, psych-rock, psych-folk, and international female hippiedom! You’ll hear Janis, Grace Slick, Vashti Bunyan, and many more! Peace! (Listen/download.)

The party revs up on GIRLIE SO GROOVIE at 7:00 pm, where it’s always International Women’s Day. This is the show dedicated to “the women who rock” and it’s time to show some love. Trevor’s got your favourite female-fronted music ready, so please tune in and get groovie! (Listen/download.)


THE SNARK brings a playlist packed with an eclectic mix of excellent female singers and players and suggests that they be worshipped as the musical goddesses that we know they are! Starts at 1:00 pm. (Listen/download.)


As Wednesday night turns into Thursday, don’t miss AFTER MIDNIGHT URBAN BEATS from 12:00 till 2 am. This week, DJ Del 523 showcases the glorious women of soul music. Without the essential artistry of foundational female voices, American R&B and soul could never have soared to the heights it reached over the decades. Tune in for two great hours of music and be richly rewarded. (Listen/download.)

WASHING MACHINE features righteous tracks from the show’s female artist favourites, focusing on indie and electronic music, and new wave/no wave divas. Turn the dial to Clara at 10:30 am for bubblin’ fresh tunes! Always including vinyl! Sit back and enjoy International Women’s Day with WASHING MACHINE! (Listen/download.)

THE JUDY ADAMS PROGRAM (1-2:30pm) features a wide array of women artists and beautiful sounds including jazz vocalist Fontela Bass, Angelique Kidjo from Benin in West Africa, classical soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian, modern folk singer Mary Jane Lamond, and many others. Let’s celebrate with Judy! (Listen/download.)

From 5-6:30pm, DJ Slim Gene will be ringing the JUMP KAT JUMP cowbell extra loud in honour of the lovely ladies of rockabilly. You can sing along with Imelda May and Brenda Lee, and whoop it up with the “Queen of Rockabilly” Wanda Jackson! Roll up the rug at home and dance! Or crank it up in the car, and honk if you love JUMP KAT JUMP! Do not miss this show! Ever! (Listen/download.)

From 8:30-9 pm, ALL IN A DAY’S WORK presents an interview with one of the CAW Women’s Committee members. Tune in for a listen as Ian and his guest discuss the significant issues that workers, and especially working women, face every day. (Listen/download.)


In the spirit of celebration of International Women’s Day, INSIDE WINDSOR (8-8:30 am) chats with Meghan Mills from the Womyn’s Centre here at the University of Windsor. Join your host George Rocker with a lively interview exploring important issues on campus and beyond.  (Listen/download.)

20th CENTURY UNLIMITED (9-10:30 am) recognizes the major contributions women have made to classical composition and performance with selections from American composers Amy Beach (1867-1944) and, more recently, Joan Tower. Works by Canadian composers Sophie-Carmen Eckardt-Grammatte (1899-1974) and Heather Schmidt will also be included. Tune in for fresh virtuoso pieces in the morning, with your host Mike Weis.  (Listen/download.)

PRODUCTIVE CONFUSION (5-6:30 pm) puzzles together a diverse array of independent women in music, featuring some of the best artists in hip-hop, jazz, world, hard-core, the local scene, and everything in between. Your host DJ ME loves contrast in his new music! On PRODUCTIVE CONFUSION, you will always hear something spectacular that you never heard before. Check it out!  (Listen/download.)

WAKE THE TOWN at 10:00 pm, knows that the female voice is one of the most important and powerful instruments in the creation of reggae and dub music. You’ll hear Louise Bennett, Queen Patsy, The I-Threes, Ammoye, and so many more. (Listen/download.)


If two hours of the women of soul on Thursday’s After Midnight Urban Beats wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, have no fear. On THE COOLEST JAZZ SPOT IN THE ROSE CITY (8-10pm), DJ Del 523 serves up two more hours of great soul music, together with a heaping helping of jazz – all featuring female vocalists. Tune in and hear more about women’s vital role in the evolution of soul and jazz. (Listen/download.)

COWBOYS & INDIES (10pm-12:30am) celebrates International Women’s Day in a British style-ee!  At various points throughout the program, your host Marc Cazabon will shine the indie spotlight on the phenomenally gifted female musicians of the British Isles. These women are the pied pipers and we must follow where they lead. Marc Cazabon is at the front of the line, and his selections will not lead you astray!  Tune in at 10:oo pm!


While it’s technically Sunday A.M., it still feels like Saturday night on THE TRIP at 12:30 am. Ken and Greg have been prepping this tribute to rock chicks for weeks. Check out the results of their research into the coolest garage rock and wild psychedelia. You’ll hear scorching cavewomen of rock’n’roll and punk banshees making irresistible music!

CANADIAN  MUSICOLOGY (5-6 pm) focuses on fabulous female artists and female-fronted bands from Canada, and POSITIVE AMPLITUDE (6-8 pm) follows suit, highlighting some of the best women musicians from around the globe. Three hours of great music, this week hosted entirely by Mr. T!

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