CJAM Album Review: Contexture: Gods, Men and the Infinite Cosmos

CJAM Album Review: Contexture: Gods, Men and the Infinite Cosmos

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Written by Aiden Russell (CJAM Staff) I wish that Broadway had a more successful career. Misha Camacho is an amazing singer. Felipe Sanchez’s lead riffs and Sean Conners’ rhythm guitars together created something really special. They’ve had a bit of an odd career. Their first album, Kingdoms, was a heavy metalcore album. The following piece, […]

CJAM Album Review: Afterglow

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Written by Aiden Russell (CJAM Staff) The Bunny The Bear’s latest album, Afterglow, makes no attempt to fit a specific mold, making it even more amazing. Unlike previous releases, Afterglow focuses on its EDM pop influences first. The rock elements function more as textures rather than being the driving forces of the songs.The result is […]

CJAM Album Review: Crest

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Written by Aiden Russell (CJAM Staff) Bladee and Ecco2k’s collaborative album, Crest, is my personal favorite album from either artist. Both Bladee and Ecco have had very versatile careers. Always evolving, despite remaining very familiar at the same time. Crest is another musical exploration, focusing more on dream pop for a powerful, otherworldly effort. I […]

CJAM Album Reviews: 10,000 gecs

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Album: 10,000 gecs by 100 gecs Written by Aiden Russell (CJAM Staff) 100 gecs take pride in being the musical equivalent of a car crash. They do a lot of stuff that just sounds… wrong, but it’s hard to look away – or listen away in this case. Their latest release, 10000 gecs, continues this […]

CJAM Album Review: Formentera by Metric

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Earlier this year, the Toronto-founded band Metric released their eighth studio album under their record label Metric Music International and Thirty Tigers. Upon my initial listen to this album, I did not enjoy it very much. But I have found that the more I listen to the album, the more I enjoy it. This album […]

Au-gust of Cold Wind Would Be Really Nice Right About Now

Posted on by Guest Writer

It’s unbearably hot outside, you get sweaty just from standing, and everything is on fire. It’s summer, and it won’t be for much longer. I can guarantee, though, that we’ll crave the summer again in the winter. There are some positive aspects to the summer, like vacations, cold treats, and sunshine, and today on Athina’s […]

Ju-lying If You Think These Albums Don’t Need TLC

Posted on by Guest Writer

Hey! Quick intro: I’m Athina, and I’m here to share the albums and songs that have special meaning to me. If you’ve already heard them, great! If not, maybe you’ll get a new earworm for them. It may currently be August, but that doesn’t mean I can’t publish my takes on some of the best […]

Despite its Short Length, A.M. Overcasts’ Self-titled Record Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Posted on by Guest Writer

By Weadee Mombo GENRE: Math Rock, Pop-Punk, AlternativeLABEL: Choke Artist RecordsRIYL: Floral, Bobbing, Invalids Winnipeg might not be known for its math rock roots but A.M. Overcast’s latest self titled release is there to change that. A.M. Overcast is an energetic mix of pop-punk, emo, math rock,topped by an eccentric production. With the longest song capping in […]

Born in Spring with Warmth from Summer: Chaya Harvey Crafts an EP Perfect for any Season

Posted on by Guest Writer

By Weadee Mombo GENRE: Alt Country/FolkLABEL: Self ReleasedRIYL: Hand Habits, Lomelda, Bedouine Through the hollow ache of suffering, Chaya Harvey carves a soft blanket. What blossoms in the summer is rooted in the silences of spring. A quiet rest where thoughts may flow as often and unheralded as the rain. When all else is quiet, the […]

Old Friends, Brief Ends Offers a Brief Glimpse into the Talented Windsor Duo

Posted on by Guest Writer

By Weadee Mombo GENRE: Indie folk rock/Jazz/R&BLABEL: Soul City Music Co-opRIYL: Andy Shauf, Mumford & Sons, Father John Misty The Canadian folk rock duo take a sobering look at past friendships, heartache and love to create perfect comfort album for summers of longing. Somewhere between the effortlessly relaxed summer days and calm cool August nights, we find […]

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