Winter Favourites

Winter Favourites

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— This review’s release was delayed due to school — Happy winter! November is Diabetes Awareness Month since it’s the birth month of Frederick Banting, AKA the guy who is saving my life without even knowing me. I have type one diabetes, which means for some reason, my body can’t produce insulin on its own. […]

School-tember and Spook-tober Playlists

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— This song review list was originally to be posted in October, but its release was hindered by school — School is upon us, which means everyone has less time on their hands than ever. That’s part of the reason I’m combining September and October’s song reviews together and writing shorter descriptions. With September’s, we’ll […]


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Here’s CJAMs top albums from 2022 that are “just noise and yelling” according to my mom


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What were CJAM’s top 20 most played hip hop albums of 2022!?


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Do ya like jazz?  We do too!  Here’s the top Jazz albums as decided by the hive mind of CJAM programmers for 2022


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Didja miss Mark recapping CJAMs top electronic albums of 2022?  Here’s a full list with streaming links OR you can relisten to the full episode HERE


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If ya didn’t catch CJAM’s special top folk albums of 2022 programming by Rosina of Canadian Jam, here’s is a quick recap with streaming links when possible!

Au-gust of Cold Wind Would Be Really Nice Right About Now

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It’s unbearably hot outside, you get sweaty just from standing, and everything is on fire. It’s summer, and it won’t be for much longer. I can guarantee, though, that we’ll crave the summer again in the winter. There are some positive aspects to the summer, like vacations, cold treats, and sunshine, and today on Athina’s […]

Ju-lying If You Think These Albums Don’t Need TLC

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Hey! Quick intro: I’m Athina, and I’m here to share the albums and songs that have special meaning to me. If you’ve already heard them, great! If not, maybe you’ll get a new earworm for them. It may currently be August, but that doesn’t mean I can’t publish my takes on some of the best […]

Despite its Short Length, A.M. Overcasts’ Self-titled Record Will Leave a Lasting Impression

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By Weadee Mombo GENRE: Math Rock, Pop-Punk, AlternativeLABEL: Choke Artist RecordsRIYL: Floral, Bobbing, Invalids Winnipeg might not be known for its math rock roots but A.M. Overcast’s latest self titled release is there to change that. A.M. Overcast is an energetic mix of pop-punk, emo, math rock,topped by an eccentric production. With the longest song capping in […]

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