Winter Favourites

Winter Favourites

Posted on by Guest Writer

— This review’s release was delayed due to school — Happy winter! November is Diabetes Awareness Month since it’s the birth month of Frederick Banting, AKA the guy who is saving my life without even knowing me. I have type one diabetes, which means for some reason, my body can’t produce insulin on its own. […]

Call for Support – Writing a Letter to MP for Local Journalism Initiative / Community Broadcasting Fund

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

The National Campus and Community Radio Association is asking campus radio stations across Canada to write to their Members of Parliament. The federal government is currently working on their 2023-2024 budget. One of the top priorities of the current federal administration is “the fight against disinformation.” The NCRA, along with the Community Radio Fund of […]

School-tember and Spook-tober Playlists

Posted on by Guest Writer

— This song review list was originally to be posted in October, but its release was hindered by school — School is upon us, which means everyone has less time on their hands than ever. That’s part of the reason I’m combining September and October’s song reviews together and writing shorter descriptions. With September’s, we’ll […]

2022 Joe Strummer Day Marathon Schedule

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

  This Thursday, December 22nd 2022, CJAM 99.1 FM will be hosting its 13th annual Joe Strummer Day 24-hour marathon for highlighting local issues relating to poverty and homelessness while pairing this mission with the songbook of The Clash and Joe Strummer!   Joe Strummer Day 24 Hour Radio Marathon 2022 Schedule:    12:00 am […]

No Scrubs Notes: Cannabis

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

What is THC? Delta (9) tetrahydro- cannabinol (THC), is the main active ingredient that is found in cannabis plants (marijuana). This sedative-hypnotic substance is what causes psychological effects that occur in the brain after consumption. THC stimulates cells in the brain (cannabinoid receptors) to release dopamine, creating a euphoric sensation. It also interferes with how […]

No Scrubs Notes: Sexual Health

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Catch all new episodes of No Scrubs Tuesdays at noon with encores Thursdays at noon! For an archive of episodes please click here. What are risk taking behaviors? Risk taking behaviours consist of (Gardner, 2020): Consuming alcohol or drugs prior to engaging in sexual intercourse Not communicating sexual status prior to sexual relations and discussing […]

Despite its Short Length, A.M. Overcasts’ Self-titled Record Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Posted on by Guest Writer

By Weadee Mombo GENRE: Math Rock, Pop-Punk, AlternativeLABEL: Choke Artist RecordsRIYL: Floral, Bobbing, Invalids Winnipeg might not be known for its math rock roots but A.M. Overcast’s latest self titled release is there to change that. A.M. Overcast is an energetic mix of pop-punk, emo, math rock,topped by an eccentric production. With the longest song capping in […]

CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // July 25 – 31, 2022

Posted on by Mattu

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist 1    METRIC*     Formentera (Thirty Tigers) 2    THE SADIES*     Colder Streams (Dine Alone) 3    JAYWOOD     Slingshot (Captured Tracks) 4    HUTTCH*^     Home Run (Self-Released) 5    CERYYSE*     je sais qu’au fond de mon âme se trouve un jardin (Self-Released) 6    TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE*     For The Love OF Tabla (Self-Released) […]

Movement Detroit 2022

Posted on by Walter Petrichyn

Famed Techno Festival Returns After 2 Years Words and Photos by: Dominic P. The “Movement Stage” at  Movement Detroit 2022 Detroit is the birthplace of techno music. It is also the home of techno music. The former has long been established by the legendary artists, producers, and record labels that contributed to the genesis of […]

No Scrubs Notes: Stress Management

Posted on by Guest Writer

What is the Science Behind Stress? Stress is our bodies response to external pressures (National Institute of Mental Health, n.d). The thing causing the response is called a stressor and it can be a one-time occurrence, or it can happen repeatedly overtime (National Institute of Mental Health, n.d). We are familiar with the bad stress […]

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