Student Volunteer(s) of the Year


Milk and Vodka airs each Monday from 4-5pm on CJAM 99.1fm. The show mixes spoken word and music to promote feminism, activism and current events. Hosts Meghan Mills and Nicole Beuglet make large issues relatable and relevant through their enthusiasm, research and dedication.

Usually, only one Student Volunteer of the Year is picked, but together Meghan and Nicole make up Milk & Vodka. They are both strong contributors to CJAM programming, hardworking students and involved community members. They are also activists who believe and live the issues they promote.

We are splitting this award to celebrate volunteers who split their time and efforts to make the most of what they do. As busy as Nicole and Meghan are, they are always funny and caring and hardworking. As they make their way to Masters degrees, we wish them luck and thank them for their wonderful volunteering at CJAM.

We now welcome Jessie Fuerth to the CJAM family as she takes over Milk and Vodka.

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Volunteers do a lot at CJAM

Every time you tune in at 99.1 FM you’re hearing a volunteer on the air. Volunteers also help by maintaining our enormous music library, writing radio scrips, producing public service announcements, interviewing cool artists, reviewing music, helping out at festivals & events, updating our social media, and so much more!

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