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Name // DJ Crysieee
Show // Electro Hop​
When // Mondays @ 9pm

// How long have you been with CJAM?
About 4 years.

// How did you become involved as a CJAMmer?
I had already been DJing and had a love for radio – plus I loved CJAM!

// Describe your show…
My show is a cool mix of electronic and hip hop music with electro vibes and old school beats.

// Who is your favourite artist?
Bob Moses​!!! Plus Chromeo​ – Ghettosocks​ – Boys Noize​ – Timbuktu​ – Delerium​ – Kraak & Smaak​ – Bassnectar​ just to name a few…

// My other life consists of…
podcasting, gym life, running, DJing and lots of coffee!

// What was your best live music experience?
Dog Blood​ [Skrilexx​ & Boys Noize] were fantastic. I can’t wait to see Bob Moses live this October!!!

// What do you love most about CJAM FM?
I love that CJAM promotes each Jammer to represent their show by allowing them to play the music they feel inspired by and showcasing their individuality through their show.

// Anything else you’d like to add?
CJAM is an amazing space to relax, connect, vibe, and grow! Thank you CJAM for helping me grow my talent and creatively pushing me to the next levels.

Want to listen to Electro Hop?
Hear DJ Crysiee live on Monday nights from 9pm – 10:30pm on 99.1 FM – on our livestream at – on the Uwindsor app or TuneIn app.

You can also Check out the CJAM archives online at // Simply click on the programming tab – find the program & stream or download it from the website. It’s that easy!

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