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Name // DJ Dell 523
Show // The Urban Flow

// How long have you been involved with CJAM / campus-community radio?
23 years

// How did you become involved as a CJAMmer?
I started volunteering here during my high-school co-op.

// Describe your show…
It’s a mix of funk, soul, and jazz spanning from 60’s to present.

// What is your favourite topic of discussion?
I love discussing the roots of music, early music history, and artists influence on current artists and musical trends.

// My other life consists of…
good food and great music.

// Who do you need to see perform?
One group I would love to see live is TAKE 6​

// What do you love most about CJAM FM?
I love the fact that I am able to showcase a variety of artists that normally don’t get a lot of airplay. This allows me to expose the listening audience to music they may have otherwise missed or not heard. It also often times answers the question that many of us have: Who was this sampled from??

// Anything else you’d like to add?
Please take a listen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you hear. Also you can check out archived shows at

Want to listen to The Urban Flow?
Hear DJ Dell 523 live on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm – 7pm on 99.1 FM,
on our livestream, Cogeco Cable 285, on the Uwindsor app or TuneIn app.

You can also Check out the CJAM archives online at // Simply click on the programming tab – find the program & stream or download it from the website. It’s that easy!

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