CJAM Top 30 Charts // March 4th – 10th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)

2    BRAD TURNERPacific (Cellar)

3    MY BRIGHTEST DIAMONDA Million and One (Rhyme & Reason)

4    B.A. JOHNSTON* – The Skid is Hot Tonight (Transistor 66)

5    THE PEPTIDES* – Galapagos, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

6    EEKWOL & T-RHYME* – For Women By Women (Self-Released)

7    THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

8    DAVE YOUNG* – Lotus Blossom (Modica)

9    IVANA POPOVIC* – Bushes and Bombshelters (Longplay)

10   ABIGAIL LAPELL* – Getaway (Coax)

11   500 MILES TO MEMPHISBlessed Be The Damned (Self-Released)

12   JESSICA PRATTQuiet Signs (Mexican Summer)

13   MICHAEL WOLFFSwirl (Sunnyside)

14   JULIANA HATFIELDWeird (American Laundromat)

15   DEER TICKMayonnaise (Partisan)

16   KENNY CARRDeparture (Zoozazz)

17   GIL DEFAYIt’s All Love (GIL – XL)

18   COCHEMEA* – All my Relations (Daptone)

19   CHERRY GLAZERRStuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian)

20   SUPERMANSION* – Solar Order (Self-Released)

21   GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH* – Masters of Space and Time (Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifactz)

22   LIVING HOUR* – Softer Faces (Kanine)

23   STEVEN BOWERS* – Elk Island Park (Self-Released)

24   KEVIN QUAIN* – About November (Self-Released)

25   JAZZLIB* – Behind Bars Too (Self-Released)

26   JAZZLIB* – Eazy Peazy EP (Self-Released)

27   THE BRIE FACE* – First Serving (Self-Released)

28   ALTAMEDATime Hasn’t Changed You (Pheromone)

29   BADGERMOUTH* – The Impossible Beauty (Self-Released)

30   ALLISON AU QUARTET* – Wander Wonder (Self-Released)

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