CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 16 – 22, 2020

CJAM favorites Self-Cut Bangs are the most recent challenger to CJAM: Live Off The Floor‘s domination of our weekly top 30 chart. Like all those who came before it, they were ultimately defeated in what can only be described as… one release having slightly more plays than the other?

Anyways, I’m putting the Self-Cut Bangs album cover because it’s well deserved (and the news page having the same album cover over and over and over is an aesthetic nightmare)

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    VARIOUS*^^     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

2    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

3    YUKON BLONDE*     Vindicator (Dine Alone)

4    TEENAGER*     Good Time (Telephone Explosion)

5    THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)

6    KULE     Keep Up Lose Everything (Self-Released)

7    DANE ROBERTS*^     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

8    DEMOLITION DOLL RODS^     Into the Brave (In The Red)

9    FUCK THE FACTS*     Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

10   NO JOY*     Motherhood (Hand Drawn Dracula)

11   THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol. 2 (Fontana North)

12   GIANNA LAUREN*     Vanity Metrics EP (Forward Music Group)

13   THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol.1 (Fontana North)

14   CREATURE COMFORT     Home Team (Self-Released)

15   CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARDS     Surfin’ the Apocalypse (Weewerk)

16   YAOTL MICTLAN     Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar (American Line)

17   GUIDED BY VOICES     Mirrored Aztec (Guided By Voices, Inc. (GBV))

18   OSEES     Metamorphosed (Castle Face)

19   FUZZ     III (In The Red)

20   HUTTCH*^     Quick Fix EP (Self-Released)

21   ACTRESS     Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune)

22   HERMITESS*     Celestial EP (Self-Released)

23   VARIOUS*     Vital Signs: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9FM (CJSW Radio)

24   AL QAHWA*     African Routes (Self-Released)

25   SOFT FOSSIL*     Dark Star (Self-Released)

26   YSGAROTH*     Storm Over a Black Sea (Self-Released)

27   BLEEDING OUT*     Lifelong Death Fantasy (Self-Released)

28   KELE FLEMING*     Songs I’ll Write For My Whole Life (Self-Released)

29   APE WAR / NEEDS*     Two Little Shits (Self-Released)

30   PARTNER*     Never Give Up (You’ve Changed)


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1    ACTRESS     Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune)

2    SOFT FOSSIL*     Dark Star (Self-Released)

3    MORT GARSON*     Music From Patch Cord Productions (Sacred Bones Records)

4    ROISIN MURPHY     Roisin Machine (Skint)

5    REPTALIENS     Wrestling (Captured Tracks)

6    PIQSIQ*     Taaqtuq Ubluriaq: Dark Star (Self-Released)

7    AFFECT DISPLAY*     Animal Adrift Animal (Pirates Blend)

8    NAILBITER*     Brace (Hand Drawn Dracula)

9    MATTHEW CARDINAL*     Asterisms (Arts & Crafts)

10   TEGAN AND SARA*     Hey, I’m Just Like You (remixes) (Sire)


Hip Hop

1    SA-ROC     The Sharecropper’s Daughter (Rhymesayers)

2    ODARIO     Good Morning Hunter (Do Right!)

3    AQUAKULTRE & DJ UNCLE FESTER*     Bleeding Gums Murphy (Black Buffalo)

4    SWAMP THING & OLLIE TEEBA*     Salty Gator (Urbnet)

5    PARIS     Safe Space Invader (Guerilla Funk Recordings)

6    SLY5THAVE     What It Is (Tru Thoughts)

7    ATMOSPHERE     The Day Before Halloween (Rhymesayers)

8    COMMON     A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 1 (Loma Vista)

9    PUBLIC ENEMY     What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down (Def Jam)

10   SOUL INSCRIBED     Tune Up (Tokyo Dawn)



1    AL QAHWA*     African Routes (Self-Released)

2    RAMON CHICHARRON*     Pescador de sueños (Self-Released)

3    STAR FEMININE BAND     Star Feminine Band (Born Bad)

4    NEMANJA     Cosmic Disco (Yem)

5    SOOMT     The Arch (Boomrush)

6    BIGGABUSH     Biggabush in Dub (Tru Thoughts)

7    SONGHOY BLUES     Optimisme (Fat Possum)

8    PIERRE KWENDERS & CLÉMENT BAZIN*     Classe Tendresse (Nowadays)

9    TRANS-KALAHARI QUINTET     The Long Journey Home (Ansonica)

10   RAUL MONSALVE Y LOS FORAJIDOS     Bichos (Olindo Records)



1    FUCK THE FACTS*     Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

2    YAOTL MICTLAN     Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar (American Line)

3    YSGAROTH*     Storm Over a Black Sea (Self-Released)

4    BLEEDING OUT*     Lifelong Death Fantasy (Self-Released)

5    APE WAR / NEEDS*     Two Little Shits (Self-Released)

6    TAPIOCA*     Raise The Red Lanterns (Self-Released)

7    SEISMIC*     Seismic (Bloodblast)

8    PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

9    COGNIZANT     Cognizant (Selfmadegod)

10   MACHETAZO     Ultratumbo II (Selfmadegod)



1    KELE FLEMING*     Songs I’ll Write For My Whole Life (Self-Released)

2    JENNIFER CASTLE*     Monarch Season (Idée Fixe Records)

3    JOE NOLAN*     Cry Baby: B-Sides EP (Fallen Tree Records)

4    ELLIOTT BROOD*     Keeper (Six Shooter)

5    VANESSA COLLIER     Heart on the Line (Self-Released)

6    JEFF TWEEDY     Love is the King (dBpm)

7    TOMBERLIN     Projections (Saddle Creek)

8    CUT WORMS     Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

9    LAURA JANE GRACE     Stay Alive (Polyvinyl)

10   KURT VILE     Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (Matador)

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