CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // January 18 – 24, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist… ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    SLEAFORD MODS     Spare Ribs (Rough Trade)

2    YVES JARVIS*     Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)

3    KHRUANGBIN     Late Night Tales (night time stories)

4    PEACH & QUIET*     Just Beyond the Shine (Self-Released)

5    PROPERTY*     Think Electric (Self-Released)

6    GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

7    BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

8    CAYLEY THOMAS*     How Else Can I Tell You? (Self-Released)

9    RUBIM DE TOLEDO*     The Dig (Self-Released)

10   KIWI JR.*     Cooler Returns (Sub Pop)

11   CORY WEEDS     O Sole Mio! (Cellar)

12   YUKON BLONDE*     Vindicator (Dine Alone)

13   THE ELWINS*     IV (Pink Eye)

14   YATRA     All is Lost (Grimoire)

15   NANCY     The Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Bliss (B3SCI)

16   BUCK MEEK     Two Saviors (Keeled Scales)

17   MIPSO     Mipso (Rounder)

18   JULIEN MANAUD*     Adaptation Vol. 2 (Lisbon Lux)

19   MARTY ZYSTRA*     Boom Chicka (Self-Released)

20   TRASH MAGIC*     Power World Audio (Self-Released)

21   J BLISSETTE*     All Things Considered, Rock Music Was A Mistake (Self-Released)

22   DANGERSEX*     Dangersex (Self-Released)

23   TERRY UYARAK*     Nunarjua Isulinginniani (AAKULUK MUSIC)

24   HAIL THE VOID*     Hail the Void (Self-Released)

25   SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

26   JADED LUXURIES*     Feeling Down (Self-Released)

27   LUMINOUS VOICES*     Sea Dreams (Self-Released)

28   VERSARI     Sous La Peau (T-Rec-Declared Goods)

29   RYLAND MORANZ*     XO, 1945 (Tonic)

30   DOUBLEHEADER*     Slim Wall (Self-Released)


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1    TRASH MAGIC*     Power World (Self-Released)

2    JADED LUXURIES*     Feeling Down (Self-Released)

3    JESSY LANZA*     24/7 (Hyperdub)

4    DOOMSQUAD*     Pure Yolk / Hard Boiled (Bella Union/ PIAS)

5    ACTRESS     Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune)

6    ROISIN MURPHY     Roisin Machine (Skint)

7    ELA MINUS     acts of rebellion (Domino)

8    MATTHEW CARDINAL*     Asterisms (Arts & Crafts)

9    VARIOUS     After Dark 3 (Italians Do It Better)

10   JFM*     Magic Moments (Self-Released)



1    GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

2    RUBIM DE TOLEDO*     The Dig (Self-Released)

3    CORY WEEDS*     O Sole Mio! (Cellar)

4    JESSE RYAN*     Bridges (Fwé Culture)


6    WOLFGANG LACKERSCHMID / CHET BAKER     Quintet Sessions 1979 (Dot Time)

7    DAVE YOUNG QUARTET*     Ides Of March (Modica)

8    MIKI YAMANAKA     Human Dust Suite (Outside in Music)

9    GEORGE COLE QUINTET     In Baltimore (Cellar Live)

10   EMMET COHEN     Future Stride (Mack Avenue)



1    YATRA     All is Lost (Grimoire)

2    DANGERSEX*     Dangersex (Self-Released)

3    HAIL THE VOID*     Hail the Void (Self-Released)

4    FUCK THE FACTS*     Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

5    PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

6    METZ*     Atlas Vending (Royal Mountain)

7    EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU     The Helm Of Sorrow (Sacred Bones)

8    MARUSYA*^     Divisive (Self-Released)

9    UNCLE WOE*     Phantomesence (Packard Black Productions)

10   CIMENT*     EP1 (Self-Released)



1    PEACH & QUIET*     Just Beyond the Shine (Self-Released)

2    BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

3    BUCK MEEK     Two Saviors (Keeled Scales)

4    TERRY UYARAK*     Nunarjua Isulinginniani (AAKULUK MUSIC)

5    RYLAND MORANZ*     XO, 1945 (Tonic)

6    DAN MANGAN*     Thief (Arts & Crafts)

7    LAYLA ZOE*     Nowhere Left To Go (Self-Released)

8    JEFF TWEEDY     Love is the King (dBpm)

9    KACY & CLAYTON & MARLON WILLIAMS*     Plastic Bouquet (New West)

10   CUT WORMS     Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

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