CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // February 15 – 21, 2021

CJAM 99.1 FM – Windsor

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    KIWI JR.*     Cooler Returns (Kiwi Club)

2    ADRIAN YOUNGE     The American Negro (Jazz Is Dead)

3    BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD     For The First Time (Ninja Tune)

4    VARIOUS*^     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

5    HUTTCH*^     Quick Fix EP (Self-Released)

6    DANE ROBERTS*^     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

7    SHAE TULL*^     Cassette 4 (Self-Released)

8    FLEECE*     Fleece EP (Self-Released)

9    MALICE DIVINE*     Malice Divine (Self-Released)

10   REST EASY*     Sick Day EP (Mutant League)

11   MONKEYDRAGON*     Enter the Multiverse (Sonic Turtle)

12   ROSIER*     Légèrement (Self-Released)

13   BILL JR. JR.*     Homebody (Self-Released)

14   THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol. 3 (Fontana North)

15   BABE CLUB     Remember This Feeling (Self-Released)

16   KINLAW     The Tipping Scale (Bayonet)

17   DJANGO DJANGO     Glowing in the Dark (Because Music)

18   LAUREN AUDER     5 Songs For The Dysphoric (Harvest)

19   LUCERO     When You Found Me (Liberty & Lament)

20   ARLO PARKS     Collapsed In Sunbeams (Transgressive)

21   EMANCIPATOR & ASHER FULERO     Dab Records Vol 1 (Loci)

22   THE STAVES     Good Woman (Atlantic)

23   ROUTINE     And Other Things (Dead Oceans)

24   TERMINAL BLISS     Brute Err/ata (Relapse)

25   PASSALAQUA^     Passalaqua (Self-Released)

26   OLDE*     Pilgrimage (Seeing Red)

27   NATURE WALK*     Saturn Return (Self-Released)

28   BEGONIA*     The Fear Tour (Live) (Birthday Cake)

29   J.ALPINIST*     VHS DUBS (Self-Released)



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1    ADRIAN YOUNGE     The American Negro (Jazz Is Dead)

2    EMANCIPATOR & ASHER FULERO     Dab Records Vol 1 (Loci)

3    LAPLACE*     Return On Energy (Self-Released)

4    CORY WEEDS     O Sole Mio! (Cellar)

5    DOUG MACDONALD     Toluca Lake Jazz (Self-Released)

6    NICOLA CONTE & GIANLUCA PETRELLA     People Need People (Schema)

7    R+R=NOW     Live (Blue Note)

8    JOE CHAMBERS     Samba de Maracatu (Blue Note)

9    GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

10   SOUNDS OF A&R     Questions Left Unanswered (Soaring)



1    REST EASY*     Sick Day EP (Mutant League)

2    MALICE DIVINE*     Malice Divine (Self-Released)

3    TERMINAL BLISS     Brute Err/ata (Relapse)

4    OLDE*     Pilgrimage (Seeing Red)

5    THE DIRTY NIL*     Fuck Art (Dine Alone)

6    CULT OF LUNA     The Raging River (Red Creek)

7    THE BODY     I’ve Seen All I Need To See (Thrill Jockey)

8    EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU     The Helm Of Sorrow (Sacred Bones)

9    DREAD SOVEREIGN     Alchemical Warfare (Metal Blade)

10   SUMMONING THE LICH     United in Chaos (Prosthetic)



1    THE STAVES     Good Woman (Atlantic)

2    ANTHEA FEAVER*     Play It Back EP (Self-Released)

3    SAM LYNCH*     Little Disappearance (Birthday Cake)

4    BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

5    BUCK MEEK     Two Saviors (Keeled Scales)

6    BET SMITH*     Downer (Self-Released)

7    BABY GOD*     Another Suffer (Self-Released)

8    ROBERT CONNELY FARR*     Country Supper (Self-Released)

9    RYLAND MORANZ*     XO, 1945 (Tonic)

10   ADRIANNE LENKER     songs + instrumentals (4AD)



Top Electronic Album

J.Alpinist – VHS Dubs

Top Hip Hop Album

Passalacqua – S/T

Top International/World Album

Made Kuti – Legacy + For(e)ward

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