CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // June 1 – 6, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    PONY*^     TV Baby (Take This To The Heart Records)

2    N0V3L*     NON-FICTION (Flemish Eye)

3    PACKS*     Take The Cake (Royal Mountain)

4    JAYWOOD*     Some Days EP (Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks)

5    VIAGRA BOYS     Welfare Jazz (YEAR0001)

6    MANNEQUIN PUSSY     Perfect EP (Epitaph)

7    BLACK MIDI     Cavalcade (Rough Trade)

8    BELLE TOWER*     Tend To (Self-Released)

9    OLDE*     Pilgrimage (Seeing Red)

10   JULIANA HATFIELD     Blood (American Laundromat)

11   SQUID     Bright Green Field (Warp)

12   BRENDAN SCOTT FRIEL*     Summer Moons (Soul City Music Co-op)

13   PAUL JACOBS*     Pink Dogs On The Green Grass (Blow The Fuse)

14   KE THU     Every Aspect (Detroit Underground)

15   THE ARMED^     Ultrapop (Sargent House)

16   CADENCE WEAPON*     Parallel World (Self-Released)

17   LONG TIME NO TIME*     Next Time (Self-Released)

18   TREEPHONES*     Pink Objects (Self-Released)

19   EASY IDIOT*     Power Games (Self-Released)

20   PILLEA*     Swell (Sun Eater)

21   MATT ELLIS*     Full Moon Fever (Self-Released)

22   GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS*     Fallacy of Fairness (Self-Released)

23   DOOHICKEY CUBICLE*     Don’t Fix Anything 😉 (Self-Released)

24   PROPERTY*     Think Electric (Self-Released)

25   FOREIGN DIPLOMATS*     Fearful Flower (Outtakes 2015-2019) (Indica)

26   LUMIERE*     A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R. (Bonsound)

27   LAURENCE-ANNE*     Musivision (Bonsound)

28   CENTURY EGG*     Little Piece of Hair (Forward Music Group)

29   TEKE::TEKE*     Shirushi (Kill Rock Stars)

30   VARIOUS*     Victoria’s Secret 2021 (Baffled Octopi)


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Top Electronic Album

KE THU Every Aspect (Detroit Underground)


Top Folk Album

BRENDAN SCOTT FRIEL*^ Summer Moons (Soul City Music Co-op)


Top Jazz Album

LONG TIME NO TIME* Tough Times (Self-Released)


Top Loud Album

OLDE* Pilgrimage (Self-Released)


Top Hip Hop Album

CADENCE WEAPON* Parallel World (eOne)

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