CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // July 5 – 11, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    TUNS*     Duly Noted (Murderecords)

2    DOMINIQUE FILS-AIMÉ*     Three Little Words (Ensoul)

3    DIZZY*     Separate Places (Royal Mountain)

4    LEATHERS*     Reckless (Artoffact)

5    STATUS/NON-STATUS*     1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years (You’ve Changed)

6    MANDÉ BRASS BAND     Foli Douman (Self-Released)

7    BLOOD LEMON     Blood Lemon (Self-Released)

8    GHOUL TALK     Magician (Death Certificate)

9    THE BABE RAINBOW     Changing Colours (Flightless Records)

10   AMYTHYST KIAH     Wary + Strange (Rounder)

11   YAUTJA     The Lurch (Relapse)

12   PONY*^     TV Baby (Take This To The Heart Records)

13   THE BLUE STONES*^     Hidden Gems (eOne)

14   LUNAR OCTET^     Convergence (Summit)

15   KE THU^     Every Aspect (Detroit Underground)

16   THE PAPER CRANES*     The Paper Cranes (Self-Released)

17   THE WRING*     Wring2: Project Cypher (Self-Released)

18   THE LEE HARVEY OSWALDS*     Tabula Rasa (Self-Released)

19   ARIEL POSEN*     Headway (Self-Released)

20   LES MOONTUNES*     Les Moontunes (Self-Released)

21   HALELUYA HAILU*     Greetings And Salutations (Self-Released)

22   MIESHA & THE SPANKS*     Singles EP (Saved By Vinyl)

23   GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS*     Fallacy of Fairness (Self-Released)

24   KAT BRYAN*     Ghost Sessions (Self-Released)

25   SCHWEY*     Schwey 2: Cyber Soul (604)

26   JANETTE KING*     What We Lost (Hot Tramp)

27   MONOWHALES*     Daytona Bleach (True)

28   CENTURY EGG*     Little Piece of Hair (Forward Music Group)

29   DANY LAJ AND THE LOOKS*     Ten Easy Pieces (We Are Busy Bodies)

30   WILLIE DUNN*     Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology (Light In The Attic)


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1    MANDÉ BRASS BAND     Foli Douman (Self-Released)

2    LUNAR OCTET     Convergence (Summit)

3    VARIOUS     Carribean Rare Grooves (Wagram)

4    TATRITE SAHARA     Targui Blues (Mieruba)

5    SHARAT CHANDRA SRIVASTAVA     No Passport Control (Perserverence)

6    SEXTETO SUCUPIRA     Paisagens Latinas (Cantores Del Mundo)

7    RUBIEL PINILLO     El Blues de la Parranda (Noveno Piso)

8    MANZANITA Y SU CONJUNTO     Trujillo, Perú 1971 – 1974 (Analog Africa)

9    ANGELIQUE KIDJO     Mother Nature (Decca)

10   OKUTÉ     Okuté (Chulo)


Top Electronic Album

KE THU^ Every Aspect


Top Folk Album

ANYTHYST KIAH Wary + Strange


Top Hip Hop Album

BROCKHAMPTON Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine


Top Loud Album

YAUTJA The Lurch


Top Jazz Album


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