CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // August 8 – 14, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    LISA LEBLANC*     Chiac Disco (Bonsound)

2    OMBIIGIZI*     Sewn Back Together (Arts & Crafts)

3    NILOO*     Niloo (Self-Released)

4    VOYEUR’S MARKET*     demo (Self-Released)

5    KYLA CHARTER*     Edible Flowers (Self-Released)

6    TOPS*     Empty Seats (Musique TOPS)

7    AQUAKULTRE*     Don’t Trip (Forward Music Group)

8    DK X GHETTOSOCKS*     Listen to the Masters (Black Buffalo)

9    PAUL JACOBS*     185 On The Corner [EP] (Bonsound)

10   ZOON*     Big Pharma (EP) (Paper Bag)

11   MAGI MERLIN*     Gone Girl EP (Bonsound)

12   APOLLO GHOSTS*     Pink Tiger (You’ve Changed)

13   QUELLE CHRIS^     Deathfame (Mello Music Group)

14   KAVINSKY     Reborn (Astralwerks)

15   SALLY SHAPIRO     Sad Cities (Self-Released)

16   MARTIN SCHILLER*     Dreams vol. 1 (Self-Released)

17   THE CEDAR SISTERS*     Love + Loss (Self-Released)

18   5TH PROJEKT*     Emergency EP (Organik)

19   THE SADIES*     Colder Streams (Dine Alone)

20   JAYWOOD*     Slingshot (Captured Tracks)

21   THE BURNING HELL*     Garbage Island (You’ve Changed)

22   MICHAEL RAULT*     Michael Rault (Daptone)

23   COLA*     Deep In View (Next Door / Fire Talk)

24   BLUE HAWAII*     My Bestfriend’s House (Arbutus)

25   PIERRE KWENDERS*     José Louis & The Paradox Of Love (Arts & Crafts)

26   5TH PROJEKT*     The Labyrinth EP (Organik)

27   BASEMENT REVOLVER*     Embody (Sonic Unyon)

28   PEACH PIT*     From 2 to 3 (Columbia)

29   KILO KISH     American Gurl (Self-Released)

30   HOT CHIP     Freakout/Release (Domino)


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1    KAVINSKY     Reborn (Astralwerks)

2    WORKING MEN’S CLUB     Fear Fear (Heavenly/PIAS)

3    TENNYSON     Rot (Counter)

4    PIERRE KWENDERS*     José Louis & The Paradox Of Love (Arts & Crafts)

5    HOT CHIP     Freakout/Release (Domino)

6    TANYA TAGAQ     Tongues North Star Remixes (Six Shooter)

7    5MINUTEEPOXY*     Glitter EP (Self-Released)

8    IN THE WELL*     Atomium (Self-Released)

9    JP MELDRUM*     Dashcam Rodeo (Self-Released)

10   STELAR DOOR*     Visions of Erehwon (30/30)


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