CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // August 29 – Sept 4, 2022


* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    ANDREAS*^     Periwinkle Dreams (Self-Released)

2    TERRIBLETHING*     Water On Mars (Self-Released)

3    TANYA TAGAQ*     Tongues North Star Remixes (Six Shooter)

4    APOLLO GHOSTS*     Pink Tiger (You’ve Changed)

5    VARIOUS*     Forest City Series, Vol. 5 (A Person Disguised As People)

6    JOHN NEMETH     May Be the Last Time (Nola Blue)

7    PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH     Drift (Epitaph)

8    THE CHATS     Get Fucked (Bargain Bin)

9    TONY MOLINA     in the fade (Run For Cover)

10   THICK     Happy Now (Epitaph)

11   FUNERAL CHIC     Roman Candle (Prosthetic)

12   MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Let It All Out (single) (Soul City Music Co-op)

13   LISHA RACQUELLE*^     Whose I Am (Soul City Music Co-op)

14   DANE ROBERTS*^     Strangers (Soul City Music Co-op)

15   EKELLE*     Let’s Get It (Self-Released)

16   AVRO*     FUTURETROACTIVISM (Self-Released)

17   VOYEUR’S MARKET*     demo (Self-Released)

18   EASY TIGER*     Breakfast In Bed (Self-Released)

19   CYLINDRICON*     Technicolour (Self-Released)

20   TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE*     For The Love OF Tabla (Self-Released)

21   TOPS*     Empty Seats (Musique TOPS)

22   KIWI JR.*     Chopper (Sub Pop)

23   TALLIES*     Patina (Hand Drawn Dracula)

24   ELIZA NIEMI*     Staying Mellow Blows (Vain Mina)

25   PATRICK HOLLAND*     You’re The Boss (Next Door / Sinderlyn)

26   METRIC*     Formentera (Thirty Tigers)

27   THE SADIES*     Colder Streams (Dine Alone)

28   JAYWOOD*     Slingshot (Captured Tracks)

29   PACKS*     WOAH (Fire Talk)

30   PAUL JACOBS*^     185 On The Corner [EP] (Bonsound)


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