CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // September 5 – September 11, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    TOPS*     Empty Seats (Musique TOPS)

2    APOLLO GHOSTS*     Pink Tiger (You’ve Changed)

3    5MINUTEEPOXY*     Glitter EP (Self-Released)

4    FIVER*     Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape (You’ve Changed)

5    OL’ GORILLA BONES X THE DIRTY SAMPLE*     Revenge Vol. 1 (Hand’Solo)

6    THE SLIME*     Living on Borrowed Slime (Cursed Blessings)

7    PANDA BEAR AND SONIC BOOM     Reset (Domino Recording Co)

8    ANGEL OLSEN     Big Time (Jagjaguwar)

9    DEHD     Blue Skies (Fat Possum)

10   MARTIN SCHILLER*     Dreams vol. 1 (Self-Released)

11   ANDREAS*^     Periwinkle Dreams (Self-Released)

12   THE BISHOP BOYS*^     Old Friends, Brief Ends (Soul City Music Co-op)

13   CHARLIE BURG^     Infinitely Tall (Fader)

14   VOLEBEATS^     Lonesome Galaxy (Mad Bunny)

15   PREOCCUPATIONS*     Arrangements (Flemish Eye)

16   WEARY*     Hush (Self-Released)

17   THE CEDAR SISTERS*     Love + Loss (Self-Released)

18   AVRO*     FUTURETROACTIVISM (Self-Released)

19   THE JOHANS*     Goodbye Again (Self-Released)

20   JP MELDRUM*     Dashcam Rodeo (Self-Released)

21   CLEA ANAIS*     Circle Zero (Factotum Co)

22   BABY GIANT*     All Day Dreaming (Self-Released)

23   CYLINDRICON*     Technicolour (Self-Released)

24   KALISWAY*     HIT EM WITH THE FUNK (Self-Released)

25   LYNNE HANSON*     Ice Cream In November (Panda Cave)

26   COLLEEN BROWN*     Winging It (Flat Car)

27   KIWI JR.*     Chopper (Sub Pop)

28   METRIC*     Formentera (Thirty Tigers)

29   DK X GHETTOSOCKS*     Listen to the Masters (Black Buffalo)

30   MICHAEL RAULT*     Michael Rault (Daptone)


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1    5MINUTEEPOXY*     Glitter EP (Self-Released)

2    JP MELDRUM*     Dashcam Rodeo (Self-Released)

3    CYLINDRICON*     Technicolour (Self-Released)

4    RJ MAXWELL*     Motherboard EP (Roam)

5    WORKING MEN’S CLUB     Fear Fear (Heavenly/PIAS)

6    HOT CHIP     Freakout/Release (Domino)

7    PAHUA X TERROR/CACTUS     Amuleto (Nacional)

8    TANYA TAGAQ*     Tongues North Star Remixes (Six Shooter)

9    TELEFÍS     a hAon (Dimple Discs)

10   VARIOUS*     Forest City Series, Vol. 5 (A Person Disguised As People)



1    ANGEL OLSEN     Big Time (Jagjaguwar)

2    ANDREAS*^     Periwinkle Dreams (Self-Released)

3    THE JOHANS*     Goodbye Again (Self-Released)

4    LYNNE HANSON*     Ice Cream In November (Panda Cave)

5    COLLEEN BROWN*     Winging It (Flat Car)

6    SISTER RAY*     Communion (Royal Mountain)

7    MARY GAUTHIER     Dark Enough To See The Stars (Thirty Tigers)

8    DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS     Welcome 2 Club XIII (Self-Released)

9    WILCO     Cruel Country (dBpm)

10   JOHN DOE     Fables in a Foreign Land (Fat Possum)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // September 5 – September 11, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist Read More →

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