CJAM’s Singles Club is back (again…)!

#5 – Brendan Scott Friel, Piece of You

Brendan Scott Friel’s 2021 album, Summer Moons, did fairly well at the station in 2021.  We’re hoping the release of a couple singles this year is a sign of things to come…  Here’s a video of him performing the song live

#4 – Mike Hargreaves, Let It All Out

Mike Hargreaves has been a staple of the Windsor music scene for as long as I can remember.  This single was released in June and is the opening track to his EP, Love of a Lifetime (out now on Soul-City Music Co-op)

#3 – PONY, Did It Again

Another summer single in our top 5 for the month.  As expected from Pony at this point, the hook on this one is… *chef’s kiss*

#2 – Pretty Matty, See You Around

Professional Fortnite player turned power-pop sensation Pretty Matty’s latest track takes the #2 spot

#1 – PONY, Peach

Wait a second… can the same band take 2 spots on the top 5?  Apparently! Another banger from Pony takes the #1 spot in our local singles chart for September

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CJAM doesn’t normally add singles to our on-air library, but we make an exception for local Windsor and Detroit (area) artists! Are you interested in having your music featured on CJAM?  Are you a local artist?  Do you have new music?  SUBMIT YOUR NEW MUSIC AT cjammd@gmail.com

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