CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! November 21 – 28, 2022

Charts? Sure, why not

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    DUMB*     Pray 4 Tomorrow (Mint)

2    GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA     A New Kind Of Love (Karma Chief / Colemine)

3    GARDEN DOG*     Slothargic Meditation (Self-Released)

4    L’OMELETTE*     You Are Here (Self-Released)

5    MIAMI NIGHTS 1984*     Sentimental (Self-Released)

6    GRAHAM KARTNA*     Toot Toot (Self-Released)

7    CHAYA HARVEY*     Born in Spring -EP (4022884 Records DK)

8    MILK & BONE*     Chrysalism (Bonsound)

9    SHABASON & KRGOVICH*     At Scaramouche (Idée Fixe)

10   ELIOT LIPP     Encounters (Self-Released)

11   WILD WILD WETS     Love Always (Self-Released)

12   CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS     Redcar les Adorables Etoiles (Because Music)

13   RUBBLEBUCKET     earth worship (Grand Jury)

14   MIA GLADSTONE     LOOPY (Pink Box Studios)

15   BILL FRISELL     Four (Blue Note)

16   VARIOUS     After Dark 4 (Italians Do It Better)

17   PONY*^     “Did It Again” (Single) (Take This To Heart)

18   SOUTH RIVER SLIM*^     “Take Me to the Pines” (Single) (Self-Released)

19   ALLISON BROWN*^     Just Another Memory (Self-Released)

20   CELLOS*^     Locked in the Stocks/Death Zone (Self-Released)

21   ALEXANDRIA BABIAK*     Magical Thinking (Self-Released)

22   PAPER BOMB*     Into The Sun (Self-Released)

23   DIAMONDTOWN*     Hey (Self-Released)

24   NEARLY DEAD*     Death Party (Self-Released)

25   SELF-CUT BANGS*     Circle Around the Free (Self-Released)

26   DIGAWOLF*     Ini (Self-Released)

27   LACEY HILL*     The Moon (Self-Released)

28   LIVING HOUR*     Someday Is Today (Kanine)

29   WEARY*     Hush (Self-Released)

30   AYSANABEE*     Watin (Ishkode Records)




1    MIAMI NIGHTS 1984*     Sentimental (Self-Released)

2    GRAHAM KARTNA*     Toot Toot (Self-Released)

3    ELIOT LIPP     Encounters (Self-Released)

4    VARIOUS     After Dark 4 (Italians Do It Better)

5    ROOSTER37*     More of the Same Only Different (30/30)


7    BAD COLOURS     Always With U (Bastard Jazz)

8    FRANC MOODY     Into The Ether (Juicebox)

9    ARJUNA OAKES & SEREBII     Final Days (Innovative Leisure)

10   DAN FRIEL     factoryland (Thrill Jockey)




1    CELLOS*^     Locked in the Stocks/Death Zone (Self-Released)

2    NEARLY DEAD*     Death Party (Self-Released)

3    SUDDEN WAVES*     Courtside (Hell For Breakfast)

4    LACES OUT     Here At the Ashram (Nefarious Industries)

5    LUMINOUS VAULT     Animate The Emptiness (Profound Lore)

6    DVNE     Cycles of Asphodel (Metal Blade)

7    CAVE IN     Heavy Pendulum (Relapse)

8    MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS     Shout at the Hetero (Say10)

9    ENVY     Seimei EP (Pelagic Records)

10   WEEPING ALTAR*     Weeping Altar (Self-Released)




1    CHAYA HARVEY*     Born in Spring -EP (4022884 Records DK)

2    LACEY HILL*     The Moon (Self-Released)

3    JULIANNA RIOLINO*     All Blue (You’ve Changed)

4    CRYSTAL SHAWANDA*     Midnight Blues (True North)

5    SKINNY DYCK     Palace Waiting (Sound Asleep)

6    MOIRA & CLAIRE*     I’m Not Usually This Forward But… (Self-Released)

7    JASON COLLETT*     Head Full of Wonder (Arts & Crafts)

8    FIELD GUIDE*     Field Guide (Birthday Cake)

9    AMANDA RHEAUME     The Spaces In Between (Ishkode)

10   FLORIST     Florist (Double Double Whammy)

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