CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! December 12 – 18, 2022

The very last charts of the 2022!  Keep your eyes peeled for our top albums lists and shows coming up during the break! Happy holidays!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    DIAMONDTOWN*     Hey (Self-Released)

2    ONE WAY STREETS*     Manufactured Smile (Self-Released)

3    LELAND WHITTY*     Anyhow (People’s Champ)

4    DUMB*     Pray 4 Tomorrow (Mint)

5    AQUAKULTRE*     Don’t Trip (Forward Music Group)

6    DEMI JORDANAE     How Did We Get Here (Self-Released)

7    VARIOUS     Rare Global Pop 1980s (Crammed Archives 2) (Crammed Discs)

8    ERIC HILTON     Past, Present & Future EP (montserrat house)

9    JANICE     The Playlist (PIAS)

10   OSEES     A Foul Form (Castle Face)

11   WILCO     Cruel Country (dBpm)

12   BENDIGO FLETCHER     Wingding (Elektra)

13   RAVYN LENAE     HYPNOS (Atlantic)

14   DANE ROBERTS*^     Strangers (Soul City Music Co-op)

15   VOLEBEATS^     Lonesome Galaxy (Mad Bunny)

16   CLASS OF 91*     Lost Stories (Self-Released)

17   KV RAUCOUS AND THE CAVE DWELLERS*     Nightmare in Tiki Land (Self-Released)

18   TORI MORLEY*     RageEhLittleBit (Self-Released)

19   THE TARHOLES*     Soul Music (Self-Released)

20   BURS*     Holding Patterns (Self-Released)

21   CONDITIONS APPLY*     Rage & Ignorance (Self-Released)

22   TOWNIE*     Is It That Time Already? (Self-Released)

23   MIAMI NIGHTS 1984*     Sentimental (Self-Released)

24   BLUE MOON MARQUEE     Scream, Holler & Howl (Self-Released)

25   AARON MACDONALD*     Rights & Wrongs (Self-Released)

26   SKINNY DYCK     Palace Waiting (Sound Asleep)

27   EKELLE*     Let’s Get It (Self-Released)

28   SINGLE MOTHERS*     Everything You Need (Dine Alone)

29   JULIANNA RIOLINO*     All Blue (You’ve Changed)

30   PARTNER*     Time Is A Car (You’ve Changed)




1    ERIC HILTON     Past, Present & Future EP (montserrat house)

2    VARIOUS     Rare Global Pop 1980s (Crammed Archives 2) (Crammed Discs)

3    MIAMI NIGHTS 1984*     Sentimental (Self-Released)

4    PVA     Blush (Ninja Tune)

5    WORKING MEN’S CLUB     Fear Fear (Heavenly/PIAS)

6    PAHUA X TERROR/CACTUS     Amuleto (Nacional)

7    UNTRAINED ANIMALS*     777777777777777777777777777777777777 (seven) (Self-Released)

8    ETHRELITE*     Synchronized Dreaming (V I R T U A 94 Records)

9    BARR KALAT^     Flavors (Self-Released)

10   VARIOUS     Medusozoa Vol II (Tartelet)




1    THE TARHOLES*     Soul Music (Self-Released)

2    CONDITIONS APPLY*     Rage & Ignorance (Self-Released)

3    ANTI-FLAG     Lies They Tell Our Children (Spinefarm)

4    PINKSHIFT     Love Me Forever (Hopeless)

5    THE CHATS     Get Fucked (Bargain Bin)

6    NOFX     Double Album (Fat Wreck Chords)

7    CELLOS*^     Locked in the Stocks/Death Zone (Self-Released)

8    FUCKED UP*     Oberon EP (Tankcrimes)

9    OFF!     Free LSD (Fat Possum)

10   PUP*     PUP Unravels Live In Front Of Everyone They Know (Little Dipper)




1    WILCO     Cruel Country (dBpm)

2    BENDIGO FLETCHER     Wingding (Elektra)

3    TOWNIE*     Is It That Time Already? (Self-Released)

4    SKINNY DYCK     Palace Waiting (Sound Asleep)

5    BLUE MOON MARQUEE     Scream, Holler & Howl (Self-Released)

6    AARON MACDONALD*     Rights & Wrongs (Self-Released)

7    JULIANNA RIOLINO*     All Blue (You’ve Changed)

8    COLLEEN BROWN*     Winging It (Flat Car)

9    SOPHIE STEVENS*     With Love (Soft Nice Words)

10   FIELD MEDIC     grow your hair long if you’re wanting to see something that you can change (Run For Cover)


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