Didja miss Mark recapping CJAMs top electronic albums of 2022?  Here’s a full list with streaming links OR you can relisten to the full episode HERE

#20 – WORKING MEN’S CLUB, Fear Fear (Manchester, UK)

#19 – HARMONISCHE-23, Kiosk (Liverpool, UK)

#18 – ZERO COOL, Midian (Victoria, BC)

#17 – SAM PREKOP & JOHN MCENTIRE, Sons Of (Chicago, IL)

#16 – KOREA TOWN ACID, Elephant in the Room (Toronto, ON)

#15 – YEHNO, Always EP (Nova Scotia)

#14 – TELEFIS, A hAon (London, UK)

#13 – YEULE, Glitch Princess (Singapore)

#12 – ALICE GLASS, PREY IV (Los Angeles, CA)

#11 – PICK A PIPER, Sea Steps (Toronto, ON)

#10 – MIAMI NIGHTS 1984, Sentimental (Victoria, BC)

#9 – 5MINUTEEPOXY, Glitter EP (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)

#8 – JP MELDRUM, Dashcam Rodeo (Victoria, BC)

#7 – TANYA TAGAQ, Tongues: North Star Remixes (Canada)

#6 – ETHRELITE, Synchronized Dreaming (Toronto, ON)

#5 – DAWN TO DAWN, Postcards From The Sun To The Moon (Montreal, QC)

#4 – UNTRAINED ANIMALS, 777777777777777777777777777777777777 (Calgary, AB)

#3 – WIHTIKOW, ᒌ​ᐸ​ᕀ (Edmonton, AB)

#2 – DAPHNI, Cherry (London, UK)

#1 – ANZOLA, Bodega (Toronto, ON)

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