Here’s CJAMs top albums from 2022 that are “just noise and yelling” according to my mom

#20 – BORIS, W (Tokyo, JP)

#19 – BIRMANI, EP4 (Montreal, QC)

#18 – WATERHEADS, EP 2 (Windsor, ON)

#17 – YEARNING, MMXXII (Montreal, QC)

#16 – MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS, Shout at the Hetero (Oakland, CA)

#15 – OFF!, Free LSD (Los Angeles, CA)

#14 – COUNTERPARTS, A Eulogy For Those Still Here (Ottawa, ON)

#13 – SOUL GLO, Diaspora Problems (Philadelphia, PA)

#12 – FUCKED UP, Oberon (Toronto, ON)

#11 – PUP, PUP Unravels Live In Front Of Everyone They Know (Toronto, ON)

#10 – GREBER, Fright Without (Kitchener, ON)

#9 – CELLOS, Locked in the Stocks / Death Zone (Windsor, ON)

#8 – ENVY, Seimei (Japan)

#7 – THE SLIME, Living On Borrowed Slime (Toronto, ON)

#6 – NOBRO, Live Your Truth Shred The Gnar (Montreal, QC)


#4 – KEN MODE, Null (Winnipeg, MB)

#3 – PINKSHIFT, Love Me Forever (Baltimore, MD)

#2 – THE CHATS, Get Fucked

#1 – PUP, The Unravelling of PUP The Band (Toronto, ON)

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