CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! January 30 – February 5, 2023

Been away on a vacation for a couple weeks so charts havent been posted to ye olde website, but you can always check em out HERE


* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    CTRL_ALT_ROCK*     ctrl_alt_rock_forever (Mothership Mutiny Records)

2    NUELA CHARLES*     Nuela Charles (Nuela Charles Music)

3    GRAHAM KARTNA*     Toot Toot (Self-Released)

4    ALWAYS A BAD THING*     he who lies with robots (Baffled Octopi)

5    EMILE BILODEAU*     Tout Seul Comme Un Grand (Bravo musique)

6    ELDER     Innate Passage (Stickman Records)

7    GLADIE     Don’t Know What You’re In Until It Was No More (Plum Records)

8    THOTCRIME     D1G1T4L_DR1FT (Prosthetic)

9    LOST PATROL^*     Dave Whitehead: The Lost Patrol Years, 1987-1991 (Self-Released)

10   MIKE HARGREAVES^*     Love of A Lifetime (Soul City Music Co-op)

11   ANCIENT TEETH     Deathbed (Dine Alone)

12   SELINA MARTIN*     Time Spent Swimming (Self-Released)

13   THE GOODSONS*     Better Late Than Never (Self-Released)

14   TEENAGE ART SCENE*     Sensory Entanglement (Hub City)

15   VAST XR*     My Hand (Self-Released)

16   BEST FERN*     Earth Then Air (Youngblood)

17   STATUS/NON-STATUS*     January 3rd (You’ve Changed)

18   JULIANNA RIOLINO*     All Blue (You’ve Changed)

19   DAWN TO DAWN*     Postcards From the Sun to the Moon (SSURROUNDSS)

20   AMANDA RHEAUME     The Spaces In Between (Ishkode)

21   OBERON ROSE     Purple, Blue & Crimson (ThouART)

22   BICYCLE INN     Baldr the Beautiful is Dead (Thumbs Up)

23   GINA BIRCH     I Play My Bass Loud (Third Man Records)

24   WILL EPSTEIN     Wendy (Fat Possum)

25   VARIOUS     Modern Music Vol. 1 (Folded)

26   DAVE OKUMU AND THE 7 GENERATIONS     You Survived So I Might Live (Transgressive/PIAS)

27   NAT VAZER     Is This Offensive and Loud? (Perpetual Doom)

28   GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA     A New Kind Of Love (Karma Chief / Colemine)

29   BRUTUS     Unison Life (Sargent House)

30   HOLY COVES     Druids And Bards (Yr Wyddfa)




1    CTRL_ALT_ROCK*     ctrl_alt_rock_forever (Mothership Mutiny Records)

2    GRAHAM KARTNA*     Toot Toot (Self-Released)

3    ALWAYS A BAD THING*     he who lies with robots (Baffled Octopi)

4    VAST XR*     My Hand (Self-Released)

5    DAWN TO DAWN*     Postcards From the Sun to the Moon (SSURROUNDSS)

6    VARIOUS     Modern Music Vol. 1 (Folded)

7    GREY BROTHER*     The Plague Tapes (Self-Released)

8    ERIC HILTON     Past, Present & Future EP (montserrat house)

9    ROSE GRAY     Synchronicity (PIAS)

10   BRISTOL MANOR*     A Distant Urban Forest (Self-Released)




1    THOTCRIME     D1G1T4L_DR1FT (Prosthetic)

2    BICYCLE INN     Baldr the Beautiful is Dead (Thumbs Up)

3    BRUTUS     Unison Life (Sargent House)

4    SUDDEN WAVES*     Courtside / Showdown (Hell For Breakfast)

5    FAETOOTH     Remnants of the Vessel (Dune Altar)

6    MARCHER*     Demo (Self-Released)

7    GREYBEARD*     Dark Age (Self-Released)

8    STORMO     Endocannibalismo (Prosthetic)

9    PAGAN RITES / VULCAN TYRANT     Split EP (Horror Pain Gore Death)

10   DRYAD     The Abyssal Plain (Prosthetic)


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