CJAM TOP 30 & TOP SPECIALTY ALBUMS!! February 13 – 19, 2023

The latest from Atsuko Chiba takes #1, + 4 great new local releases fillin up our top 30!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    ATSUKO CHIBA*     Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing (Mothland)

2    CAKE FUNCTION*     Leisure Project (Self-Released)

3    FUCKED UP*     One Day (Merge)

4    GOLD LYON^     Sonagold (Dark Disco)

5    ROBERTO LOPEZ*     Ritual (Self-Released)

6    JACKSON WELCHNER*     Blink Twice (Self-Released)

7    AATOCASTER     Moonlight EP (Self-Released)

8    HARRY CLOUD     The Cyst (Kitten Robot)

9    MMEADOWS     Light Moves Around You (AWAL)

10   KING TUFF     Smalltown Stardust (Sub Pop)

11   PARANNOUL     After The Magic (Self Released)

12   DIDON     Tunisian Tale (Electrofone Music)

13   BILLY NOMATES     CACTI (Invada)

14   ANTI-FLAG     Lies They Tell Our Children (Spinefarm)

15   MIKE HARGREAVES*^     I Cant Stop (Looking at Your Light) [single] (Soul City Music Co-op)

16   JACK DROZE & LILAHK^     Toffee [single] (Self-Released)

17   ALLISON BROWN*^     Just Another Memory (Self-Released)

18   CHARLIE BURG     Infinitely Tall (Fader)

19   THE FOREIGN FILMS*     Magic Shadows (Self-Released)

20   FAKE MAGIC*     Sad Dad (Self-Released)

21   JESSE MURRAY*     I Did It All For You (Self-Released)

22   JACOB BRODOVSKY*     I Love You And I’m Sorry (Self-Released)

23   WIHTIKOW*     ??? (Chee-pay) (Self-Released)

24   SQUID IN CHAINS*     Sirens of Kyiv (Self-Released)

25   KNITTING*     Knitting (Sleepwalk Tapes)

26   ALBA BURKE*     Alchemy (Self-Released)

27   POOLBLOOD*     mole (Next Door)

28   JONAH YANO*     portrait of a dog (Innovative Leisure)

29   JULIANNA RIOLINO*     All Blue (You’ve Changed)

30   LOU TIDES     Infinite Loop EP (Self-Released)


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