CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! April 10 -16 , 2023

Two weeks in a row at number 1 for Yves Tumor!

1    YVES TUMOR  Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) (Warp)

2    FEVER RAY  Radical Romantics (Mute)

3    KYLO“Rerun” [single] (Self-Released)

4    JEAN-MICHEL BLAISSerenades (Arts & Crafts)

5    THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERSContinue As A Guest (Merge)

6    ANDY SHAUF  Norm (Arts & Crafts)

7    KNITTINGKnitting (Sleepwalk Tapes)

8    FIELD GUIDEField Guide (Birthday Cake)

9    CONSTANT JOYWifi Tourniquet 1 (Self-Released)

10   BLACK MARKET KARMA  Friends In Noise (Flower Power)

11   THE RELUCTANT COSMONAUTLuna (Underground Institute)

12   STEVE MASON  Brothers & Sisters (Domino)

13   ALEXANDRA STRÉLISKI  Néo-Romance (Secret City)

14   JAD FAIR & SAMUEL LOCKE WARD  Happy Hearts (Kill Rock Stars)

15   THE ROYAL ARCTIC INSTITUTE  From Coma to Catharsis (Already Dead Tapes)

16   OLINDA“World Within” (single) (Self-Released)

17   JOSIE ELYSIADreaming in Reality (Self-Released)

18   J.ALPINISTAbuse Your Delusions Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

19   J.ALPINISTAbuse Your Delusions Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

20   PHANTOM SENDERPhantom Sender (Self-Released)

21   BRITT A.M.  Immolation (Self-Released)

22   ELLE AND JULESTry Hard (Self-Released)

23   BROSTEALERBrostealer (Self-Released)

24   KRIS KRUSELong Lost (Self-Released)

25   JP MELDRUMChain of Memories (Self-Released)

26   TIM NASHThe Beautiful Madness (Self-Released)

27   UNIVERSAL CLEANERFluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

28   THE FOREIGN FILMSMagic Shadows (Self-Released)

29   JACOB BRODOVSKYI Love You And I’m Sorry (Self-Released)

30   WILLEM JAMES COWANMourning in the Morningtime (Self-Released)





1    J.ALPINISTAbuse Your Delusions Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

2    J.ALPINISTAbuse Your Delusions Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

3    JP MELDRUMChain of Memories (Self-Released)

4    UNIVERSAL CLEANERFluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

5    VAV JUNGLEOui Cafe (Self-Released)

6    100 GECS  10,000 gecs (Atlantic)

7    $IRREBRALSoul Tape IV (Ruze)

8    ALEX LUSTIG  Fate (B Sides) (Pyur Beats)

9    AKSAK MABOUL  Use Aventure de VV (Songspiel) (Made to Measure 48) (Crammed Discs)

10   ACID ARAB  Trois (Crammed Discs)





1    FIELD GUIDEField Guide (Birthday Cake)

2    ELLE AND JULESTry Hard (Self-Released)

3    JACOB BRODOVSKYI Love You And I’m Sorry (Self-Released)

4    JOE LOUIS WALKER  Weight of the World (40 Below)

5    VANCAMP523 (Self-Released)

6    NORTHCOTEWholeheart (Self-Released)

7    ACTUAL HUMAN PEOPLEBug Birthday Party (Self-Released)

8    ELIZA MARY DOYLEPretty Strange (Self-Released)

9    NADJIWANThe Great Sea (Heading North)

10   THE LOST DAYS  In the Store (Speakeasy Studios)



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