CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! May 22 – 28, 2023

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe time at Movement this weekend! May your glowsticks glow indefinitely, Amen. Here’s some charts

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    WILLEM JAMES COWAN*     Mourning in the Morningtime (Self-Released)

2    GAYANCE*     Mascarade (Rhythm Section)

3    PONY^*     Velveteen (Take This To Heart)

4    CO-OP*     Reward System (Self-Released)

5    BURS*     Holding Patterns (Self-Released)

6    UH HUH*     Uh Huh (Telephone Explosion)

7    SUNNSETTER*     The best that I can be. (Paper Bag)

8    MANDY, INDIANA     i’ve seen a way (Fire Talk)

9    NABIHAH IQBAL     DREAMER (Ninja Tune)

10   INDIGO DE SOUZA     All Of This Will End (Saddle Creek)

11   BEDROOM     Thread (Amuse)

12   2LANES     Sid Ranger Redux EP (Self-Released)

13   MARTYN BOOTYSPOON*     BOOTYLEG002 (Self-Released)

14   SAM KRUGER*     the songs I write in my bedroom (Self-Released)

15   IDLE MOON*     NOMAD (Self-Released)

16   DASTARD*     Horselip (Self-Released)

17   ACTUAL HUMAN PEOPLE*     Bug Birthday Party (Self-Released)

18   SCRUTINEER*     5 (Self-Released)

19   CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

20   FAKE MAGIC*     Sad Dad (Self-Released)

21   CLASS OF 91*     Lost Stories (Self-Released)

22   SINGLE MOTHERS*     Roy (Dine Alone)

23   MINOR SINE PROJECT*     Back Room Groove EP (Tip Tap)

24   WAYFINDING*     Wayfinding (Victory Pool)

25   PERSÉIDE*     Les couleurs d’?é?té (Dure Vie)

26   LOUISE BURNS*     Element (Light Organ Records)

27   ZOON*     Bekka Ma’iingan (Paper Bag)

28   WITCH PROPHET*     Getaway Experience (Heart Lake)

29   WINONA FOREVER*     Acrobat (Acrophase)

30   DIVORCER*     Espionage (domestic departure)




1    2LANES     Sid Ranger Redux EP (Self-Released)

2    MARTYN BOOTYSPOON*     BOOTYLEG002 (Self-Released)

3    SCRUTINEER*     5 (Self-Released)

4    MINOR SINE PROJECT*     Back Room Groove EP (Tip Tap)

5    SALUTE     Shield EP (Technicolor)

6    DESIRE MAREA     On The Romance Of Being (Mute)

7    HÖHN     Höhn (Self-Released)

8    PSYCHIC POLLUTION*     Transcendental Phrases (Eat Glass)

9    BRISTOL MANOR*     A Distant Urban Forest (Self-Released)

10   WISH LASH*     200 Phenomena OST EP (Glow Code)




1    ASTROCOLOR*     Moonlighting – Astrojazz Vol. 1 (Amelia Recordings)

2    JANE BUNNETT AND MAQUEQUE*     Playing With Fire (Linus Entertainment)

3    UP AND OVER TRIO*     Up and Over (Bent River)

4    ANGELA TURONE & CHRIS PLATT*     The Spinner Sessions (Self-Released)

5    DUNCAN HOPKINS*     Who Are You? The Music Of Kenny Wheeler (TPR)

6    NICKY SCHRIRE*     Nowhere Girl (Anzic)

7    ARTIE ROTH QUARTET*     Resonants (TPR)

8    RJ LEBLANC*     HEYDAY (Multiple Chord Music)

9    ARTEMIS     In Real Time (Blue Note)

10   OSCAR PETERSON TRIO*     On A Clear Day – Live In Zurich, 1971 (Two Lions Records)




1    DASTARD*     Horselip (Self-Released)

2    NECROPANTHER     Betrayal (Self-Released)

3    PRIVATE FUNCTION     370HSSV 0773H (Still On Top)

4    JESUS PIECE     So Unknown (Century Media)

5    GRIMELDA*     It’s So Feeling When You Rock EP (Transistor 66)

6    FUCKED UP*     One Day (Merge)

7    TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET     So Dumb, So Stoked EP (Pirates Press)

8    DRAIN     Living Proof (Epitaph)

9    FRENZAL RHOMB     The Cup of Pestilence (Fat Wreck Chords)

10   DESPITE THE REVERENCE*     Stress of Evolution (Self-Released)




1    SAM KRUGER*     the songs I write in my bedroom (Self-Released)

2    ACTUAL HUMAN PEOPLE*     Bug Birthday Party (Self-Released)

3    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

4    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

5    SELINA BOLAND*     All These Hours (Self-Released)

6    JESSICA RHAYE AND THE RAMSHACKLE PARADE*     Sunshine Baby (Self-Released)

7    IAN DAVIES*     New Country (Self-Released)

8    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS*     Uncertain Country (Fontana North)

9    BRYSON CASSIDY*     Hindsight Bias (Self-Released)

10   RYAN HICKS*     Experience (Prairie Ocean)


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