CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! September 4 – 11, 2023

Local sweeties, Tea Leaves, latest crushes our top 30 this week, making us forget all our problems (and some other stuff too)

* indicates Canadian artist. ^indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    TEA LEAVES*^     Whistlin Past the Graveyard (Self-Released)

2    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

3    SLOWDIVE     everything is alive (Dead Oceans)

4    THE ARMED^     Perfect Saviors (Sargent House)

5    THE APE-ETTES*     Simply (Self-Released)

6    MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)

7    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

8    MARCHER*     Marcher (Self-Released)

9    NOAH FRANCHE-NOLAN*     Within the Stream (Cellar)

10   YOCTO*     Zepta Supernova (Duprince)

11   DIZZY*     Dizzy (Royal Mountain)

12   CROSSED WIRES*     Ellipsis (Noyes)

13   WHY DOGS WHY     Homebody (Self-Released)

14   BE YOUR OWN PET     Mommy (Third Man Records)

15   THE CLIENTELE     I Am Not There Anymore (Merge)

16   OSEES     Intercepted Message (In The Red)

17   12 RODS     If We Stayed Alive (American Dreams)

18   VERSUS THE WORLD     The Bastards Will Live Forever (SBAM)

19   RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

20   RUSS MACKLEM*^     The South Detroit Connection (TQM Recording Co.)

21   PROTOMARTYR^     Formal Growth In The Desert (Domino)

22   EX-COWBOY*     Mr Frog (Self-Released)

23   BILL BRENNAN*     Kaleidoscope (Centrediscs)

24   REC CENTRE*     Maxed Out! (Self-Released)

25   BUILDINGS AND FOOD*     Infinity Plus One (Self-Released)

26   WINDOW LAMP*     Episode (Self-Released)

27   WHITE POPPY*     Sound Of Blue (Not Not Fun)

28   FROTH*     Woodland Meditation II (Self-Released)

29   RUBIM DE TOLEDO*     The Drip (Self-Released)

30   CAST*     Identities (Self-Released)




1    FROTH*     Woodland Meditation II (Self-Released)

2    BUILDINGS AND FOOD*     Infinity Plus One (Self-Released)

3    J.ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

4    UNIVERSAL CLEANER*     Fluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

5    PRINCE JOSH*     Moth (Hand Drawn Dracula)

6    JESSY LANZA*     Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)

7    EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL     Fuse (Buzzinâ?? Fly)

8    EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

9    DANIEL CALLIHOO**     Product (Self-Released)

10   DEREK MICHAEL     Enroute 1 (Detroit Underground)



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