This Week on Windsor Chronicle: Live from Kiev

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Top legal experts have created a Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Ukraine. Well respected experts in the field of law and former political prisoners are gathering evidence for a Special Tribunal regarding human rights violations during the peaceful protests in Ukraine. The purpose of the Commission is to investigate human rights violations that […]

CJAM TOP 30!!! February 24th – March 2nd // 2014!

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* – Indicates Canadian Content! 1 THE HIDDEN CAMERAS* – Age (Evil Music) 2 TINARIWEN – Emaar (Anti-) 3 KAYLA DUNN* – Fields (Self-Released) 4 KANDLE* – In Flames (Dare To Care) 5 COEUR DE PIRATE* – Trauma (Dare To Care) 6 THE WRITTEN YEARS* – The Written Years (Self-Released) 7 LE PELICAN NOIR* – […]

Women’s Day Radio Marathon Kick-Off Party! A Week From Tonight!

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  CJAM FM 99.1 FM Presents: International Women’s Day Radio Marathon Kick-Off Party Friday, March 7th // 2014 The Wilderness of Manitoba Tara Watts Kayla Dunn Phog Lounge – 157 University Ave. West – 10$ // 10PM // 19+ Don’t Forget To Tune In All 24 Hours Of March 8th For Special Women’s Day Programming! About The […]

International Women’s Day on The Freedom Principle

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International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. Join us on The Freedom Principle as we celebrate the African artists who best express the status of women. In her 2013 release ‘Beautiful Africa’, Malian artist Rokia Traore sings of her love and […]

Windsor Chronicle: Gray Wolf – Escape Of Adolf Hitler

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Did Adolf Hitler escape to Argentina? Astonishing theory from the authors of the bestselling book “Gray Wolf-Escape Of Adolf Hitler”. In the book, British authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan argued that the Führer escaped and spend out his days in South America until his death in 1962 at the age of 73. International journalist […]

Windsor Chronicle: Live from Kiev

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This Friday, Windsor Chronicle will go live from Kiev again, then story from Paris, France/Grey wolf: Escape of Adolf Hitler. We will talk with world know journalist Mr. Williams about his book. Then, from Moscow, Russia … Did Sochi succeed in the execution of the 2014 Winter Olympics? Will continuing controversy overshadow the positivity of […]

Soundtrack Attack: Black 90s Cinema

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Today the Soundtrack Attack is focusing on black filmmaking of the 1990s. Join Brady and Carley for discussions on filmmakers like Spike Lee and John Singleton and how their films drew from social issues of the time to give a representation of real life in places like South Central L.A and ghettos. Tuesday, February 25th […]

CJAM TOP 30!!! February 17th – 23rd // 2014!

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* – Indicates Canadian Content 1 THE HIDDEN CAMERAS* – Age (Evil Music) 2 MIDDLE SISTER* – Middle Sister (Famous Last) 3 CRISSI COCHRANE* – Little Sway (Self-Released) 4 SAM ROBERTS BAND* – Lo-Fantasy (Paper Bag) 5 KAYLA DUNN* – Fields (Self-Released) 6 THE PACK A.D.* – Do Not Engage (Nettwerk) 7 JODY GLENHAM* – […]

Freedom Principle Black History Month Special: Cumbia in Colombia

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With respect to February’s Black History Month, The Freedom Principle presents four programs of musical genres borne from diverse origins. In doing so, we continue a tradition here at CJAM of recognizing the contributions to the arts of peoples from the African diaspora, experiences which impact and help define our global culture. Click for more […]

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