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Name // Pascal
Show // Jazz Traditions
When // Tuesday mornings 9am-10:30am

// How long have you been involved with CJAM & campus-community radio?
I’ve been a volunteer host at CJAM for about two years now. CJAM is the fourth campus radio station I’ve volunteered at — three in Ontario and one in Indiana. I got the radio bug when I was in grade 12 & had an overnight 2am-5am Saturday show with a friend of CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo at uWaterloo back in 1986.

// How did you become involved as a CJAMmer?
I pleaded with Carley [Program Director] to get a small, teensy slot. The 90 minutes I have each week is very generous!

// Describe your show…
I play all new jazz releases at the station. It’s so incredible the amount of awesome new music we have coming into CJAM. It’s a great opportunity to share this with the listening community in Windsor-Detroit!

// Who is your favourite artist?
I’m interested in most types of improvisational music, and I love how artists can change a song quite radically based on improv, their feeling, the other players, and the audience vibe, of course.

// My other life consists of…
I work in the Leddy Library here at the University of Windsor.

// What was your best live music experience?
Gogol Bordello, at Poe’s Pub, Richmond Virginia 2002

// Who do you NEED to see live?
I would love to see Björk again. I haven’t been able to catch her live since the Post tour, but I have all the live DVDs.

// What do you love most about CJAM FM?
Meeting folks passionate about all kinds of music, and staying in touch with the community through radio.

// Anything else you’d like to add?
CJAM is such a treasure. I love how everyone brings their passion in music to share with everyone, and feed off others at the station, learning about new music. Tune in to any program on CJAM and you’re bound to come away inspired!
Want to hear Jazz Traditions?
Hear Pascal live on Tuesday mornings 9am-10:30am on 99.1 FM, on our livestream at – on the Uwindsor app or TuneIn app.

You can also Check out the CJAM archives online at // Simply click on the programming tab – find the show & stream or download it from the website. It’s that easy!

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