Joe Strummer Day 2020

On December 22nd, 2020 CJAM is celebrating our 11th annual Joe Strummer Day radio marathon where we strive to put a focus on poverty, homelessness, and call the community to action in the Windsor-Detroit areas and beyond.

Starting at midnight on the 18th anniversary of Strummer’s death, CJAM will dedicate 24-hours to the cause. All regular programming will be pre-empted while our staff, activists, musicologists, and journalists work together to get the world to listen to poverty issues. Terrestrially, the broadcast can be heard at CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor-Detroit. Worldwide, you can stream us online at, or on the TuneIn app.

Find our full 24hr schedule below

MIDNIGHT to 2AM: Joe Strummer Day Kickoff!
Station Manager Carley Schweitzer kicks off Joe Strummer Day with rare cuts from Joe Strummer & The Clash, some requests, and an overview of what CJAM has in store for the rest of the marathon.

2am to 3am: Bradio Clash
Brady of The Mighty Mezz spins live tunes from Joe Strummer touring with the Pogues, Latino Rockabilly War, and some special soundtrack treats to bring you some comfort during the late night hours.

3am to 4am: Magna Carta
Joe from Magna Carta, a radio program hosted by law students from ProBono Students Canada, talks about unionization and labour movements within sports. He also speaks with law student Christian Brown on the PBSC Anti-Black Racism Project, personal advocacy and making a difference beyond social media reposts. Click to learn more about PBSC

4am to 5am: The Clash LIVE at Bond’s International Casino 
A live performance from Bond’s International Casino in New York on 08/06/1981

5am to 6am: Joe Strummer Radio Show
Tom Fleming, host of The Freedom Principle, dug into the archives to find this rare episode of the Joe Strummer Radio Show

6am to 7am: No Thank You!
Melissa & Micaela, hosts of the weekly talk-radio program No Thank You!, discuss poverty & homelessness from a women’s and feminist perspective.

7am to 8am: Girlie so Groovie does The Clash 
Trevor, host of Girlie so Groovie, spins female-lead Clash covers along with Clash-influenced femme tunes

8am to 9am: Windsor Art & Activism
Carley, host of Everything’s No Good, speaks with Teajai Travis on his beginnings in activism, starting the Bloomfield House, seeing change enacted and played out here in Windsor, and his new role at Artcite.

9am to 10am: Combat Rock!
Taya, CJAM FM Board of Directors president, spins her favourite Clash tunes to rock out the jam’s this morning!

10am to 11am: Handi-Link: Poverty & Disability
Cam Wells (host of Handi-Link) discusses poverty issues within the disability community with a variety of different interviewees.

11am to NOON: Radio Clash Time
Nick, host of Radio Drill Time, spins tunes from the vast library of Joe Strummer and The Clash alongside a couple of tunes from bands influenced by them. The reverberations from their music can still be heard in modern music today.

NOON to 2pm: Mattu Mid-Day Roundup!
Music Director Mattu fills you in on what’s happening & what’s to come with some flashy tunes to get you through the noon-hour.

2pm to 3pm: Welcome Shelter / Campus Food Pantry 
Program Director Emily speaks with Randi-Lyn Miller from the Welcome Shelter for Women. Dee interviews Alanna from the University of Windsor Campus Food Pantry on the importance of operating during COVID & changes they’ve made to the process in this hour showcase of local resources.

3pm to 4pm: Habitat for Humanity & Empowerment Plan Detroit
Carley, Station Manager, speaks with Fiona, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex on how they’re adapting to COVID-19, the importance of having a place to call home, and how to give back to the Windsor community. Carley also speaks with Veronika, founder and CEO of Empowerment Plan Detroit – what started as a school project creating sleeping bags for the homeless in Detroit has skyrocketed into a sustainable business that employs the people they serve.

4pm to 5pm: Live Sounds
Brady spins a selection of Mescaleros album cuts and live Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros tracks from their Action Town Hall performance in 2002 featuring Mick Jones alongside selections from the Walker Soundtrack.

5pm to 6pm: Community Breakdown
Micaela, host of No Thank You, continues the Community Breakdown with interviews from House of Sophrosyne & Hiatus House

6pm to 8pm: Revolution CLASH
Dave K & Adam, hosts of Revolution Rock, host a 2 hour Clash retrospective, talking about the last 11 years of Joe Strummer Day on CJAM 99.1 FM

8pm to 9pm: WeTrans Support & Nisa Homes
Carley speaks with Alex Reid, the newly appointed Executive Director at WeTrans Support on how they’ve expanded in the last 3 years, their new direction, and how access for folks who might not fit the binary can be difficult. Also in this hour, Christine from Nisa Homes speaks on her experience volunteering and becoming a staff member at Nisa Homes, a shelter for Muslim women and their children, focusing on the importance of making space for faith and understanding.

9pm to 10:30pm: The Best Clash Ever
Joe, host of The Best Show Ever, brings you…well, the best show ever.

10PM to MIDNIGHT: Joe Strummer Day Closer!
Closing out the 24-hour marathon with Program Director Emily

CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // December 7 – 13, 2020

After a couple weeks at #2, Partner has taken the #1 spot in our charts with their new (and quite frankly, amazing) album, Never Give Up. Khruangbin‘s mix album, the latest in the Late Night Stories series was #2. Self-Cut Bangs returns to the podium at #3 this week. The latest Pack AD Live EP falls in at #4. And Windsor’s own, Huttch, falls from #1 to round out the top 5… at #5.

The latest from Jeff Tweedy topped our Folk charts. Thou‘s cover album, A Primer of Holy Words, topped the Loud charts (with their collab album with Emma Ruth Rundle not far behind). And Toronto’s Griffith Hiltz Trio was #1 in Jazz with a fun lil nostalgia trip of an album, Arcade.

01    PARTNER*     Never Give Up (You’ve Changed)

2    KHRUANGBIN/VARIOUS     Late Night Tales (night time stories)

3    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

4    THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol. 2 (Fontana North)

5    HUTTCH*     Quick Fix EP (Self-Released)

6    THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)

7    MISE EN SCENE*     Winnipeg, California (Light Organ)

8    THOU     A Primer of Holy Words (Self-Released)

9    AUSECUMA BEATS     Ausecuma Beats (Music in Exile)

10   CHICO MANN     Double Life (Ubiquity)

11   JEFF TWEEDY     Love is the King (dBpm)

12   SEIZED UP     Brace Yourself (Pirate’s Press)

13   JENNY O     New Truth (Mama Bird)

14   VARIOUS     Strum and Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 (Captured Tracks)

15   HELENA DELAND*     Someone New (Luminelle)

16   CUT WORMS     Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

17   FLEET FOXES     Shore (Anti-)

18   TOUCHE AMORE     Lament (Epitaph)

19   EL TEN ELEVEN     Tautology (Joyful Noise)

20   DANE ROBERTS*     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

21   KING KHAN*     The Infinite Ones (Khannibalism)

22   KRILL WILLIAMS*     Cocktail Hour EP (Self-Released)

23   BRETTON LEE JOHN*     A Table By The Window (Self-Released)

24   SUNALTA*     Tidal (Self-Released)

25   BLINKER THE STAR*     Juvenile Universe (Self-Released)

26   GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

27   FRANKY SELECTOR*     Never Better (Self-Released)

28   FREDY V AND THE FOUNDATION*     One Step EP (Self-Released)

29   ROBERT CONNELY FARR*     Country Supper (Self-Released)

30   SAM LYNCH*     Little Disappearance (Birthday Cake)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 30 – December 6

The top two spots in CJAMs top 30 remain unchanged this week, with Huttch‘s Quick Fix EP and Partner‘s Never Give Up in #1 & #2 respectively. Inuk singer-songwriter Terry Uyarak‘s fantastic debut Nunarjua Isulinginniani reached #3 this week (and #1 in our folk charts!). Montreal’s Busty and the Bass and CJAM’s compilation rounded out the top 5. Only a couple more weeks of charts in 2020! Check out the rest of our top albums below!

* indicates Canadian artist. | ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    HUTTCH*^      Quick Fix EP (Self-Released)

2    PARTNER*     Never Give Up (You’ve Changed)

3    TERRY UYARAK*     Nunarjua Isulinginniani (AAKULUK MUSIC)

4    BUSTY AND THE BASS*     Eddie (Arts & Crafts)

5    VARIOUS*^^     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

6    DANE ROBERTS*^     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

7    KING KHAN*     The Infinite Ones (Khannibalism)

8    THE NIMMONS TRIBUTE*     Volume 1- To The Nth (Self-Released)

9    NATURE WALK     King of Wands (Self-Released)

10   TEENAGER*     Good Time (Telephone Explosion)

11   GULFER*     Gulfer (Royal Mountain)

12   PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

13   PIERRE KWENDERS & CLÉMENT BAZIN*     Classe Tendresse (Nowadays)

14   ORVILLE PECK*     Show Pony (Columbia)

15   SEISMIC     Seismic (Bloodblast)

16   SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS     Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone)

17   GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA     An Ode To Escapism (Karma Chief / Colemine)

18   HEATHER TROST     Petrichor (Third Man Records)

19   ROB MAZUREK & THE EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA     Dimensional Stardust (International Anthem)

20   HERMITESS*     Celestial EP (Self-Released)

21   VARIOUS*     Vital Signs: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9FM (CJSW Radio)

22   DANGERSEX*     Dangersex (Self-Released)

23   FRANKY SELECTOR*     Never Better (Self-Released)

24   ROBERT CONNELY FARR*     Country Supper (Self-Released)

25   SOPHIA SMITH QUARTET*     Elevation (Self-Released)

26   BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

27   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

28   KEATS CONLON*     Pastel Portraits (Self-Released)

29   CELL PRESS*     Cell Press (Self-Released)

30   DONOVAN WOODS*     Without People (Meant Well Records)


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CJAM Singles Club Top 3! [November 2020]

It’s somehow December 1st, which means it’s time to announce the top tracks played from last months singles club – the last singles club of 2020! Three solid tracks: one recently uncovered from ‘the vault’, one Windsor punk classic remastered, and one previously unreleased track released in solidarity with BLM

#1. The Hypnotics – Soul at Seven [Windsor]

…recorded in 2011 during studio sessions for their first album (Static Fuzz Radio), but never released… until now!

#2. The Spys – Underground [Windsor]

…a newly remastered track from the bands 1980 7″, Underground / Machine Shop. I can not find this remaster anywhere online (it’s supposed to be going up on your favorite streaming services sometime soon), so it may have been a CJAM exclusive?! In lieu of the remastered version, here is a video from the bands Facebook of the original vinyl spinning.

#3. Torus Eyes – Nu Love [Detroit]

…returning to singles club a second month in a row with another previously unreleased track released in solidarity with ongoing Black Lives Matters protests, with all proceeds going to the Detroit Justice Center



This singles club will be the last singles club until February 2021. Keep an eye out for calls for submissions in the new year!