CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // July 25 – 31, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    METRIC*     Formentera (Thirty Tigers)

2    THE SADIES*     Colder Streams (Dine Alone)

3    JAYWOOD     Slingshot (Captured Tracks)

4    HUTTCH*^     Home Run (Self-Released)

5    CERYYSE*     je sais qu’au fond de mon âme se trouve un jardin (Self-Released)

6    TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE*     For The Love OF Tabla (Self-Released)

7    THE BISHOP BOYS*^     Old Friends, Brief Ends (Soul City Music Co-op)

8    PROJECTORS, THE*     The Projectors (Self-Released)

9    BARAGWIN*     Baragwin (Disques Boghei)

10   STRABE     Juvenoia (PIAS)

11   SABABA 5 (FEAT SHIRAN TZFIRA)     Rali – ???? (Batov Records)

12   WYLDERNESS     Big Plans for a Blue World (Succulent Recordings)

13   VIAGRA BOYS     Cave World (YEAR0001)

14   SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS     Viva Mi Triesta (Big Crown)

15   LOOP     Sonancy (Cooking Vinyl)

16   DUBMATIX*     Atomic Subsonic (Self-Released)

17   FABIO FRIZZI     The Eyes of the Cat (Cadabra)


19   MOONCHILD SANELLY     Phases (Transgressive/PIAS)

20   HOLLIE COOK     Happy Hour (Merge)

21   CONGOTRONICS INTERNATIONAL     Where’s The One? (Crammed Discs)

22   BEISPIEL     Muster (Faitiche)

23   KAT VALENTINE*^     SIRENS PT I (Self-Released)

24   THE BRANDY ALEXANDERS*^     The Brandy Alexanders (Self-Released)

25   TERRIBLETHING*     Water On Mars (Self-Released)

26   NILOO*     Niloo (Self-Released)

27   MINOR SINE PROJECT*     Stitch In Time (Self-Released)

28   VOYEUR’S MARKET*     demo (Self-Released)

29   ALEX LUKUSTA*     E3 (Self-Released)

30   MOTHERHOOD*     Winded (Forward Music Group)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // July 4 – 10, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    KAT VALENTINE*^     SIRENS PT I (Self-Released)

2    STELAR DOOR*     Visions of Erehwon (30/30)

3    CHARBONNEAU/AMATO*     Synth Works Vol. 2 (Backward Music)

4    NAIMA BOCK     Giant Palm (Sub Pop)

5    THE ROUTES     The Twang Machine (Topsy Turvy)

6    DYLAN MOON     Option Explore (RVNG Intl.)

7    JOYCE MANOR     40 oz to Fresno (Epitaph)

8    CAL FOLGER DAY     Piece Dye (Dead Lady Records)

9    TV PRIEST     My Other People (Sub Pop)

10   HUTTCH*^     Home Run (Self-Released)

11   SEANNI B^     To Be Born From a Wish / Tinted Rose (Self-Released)

12   TOVI*     I Keep Floating Away (Self-Released)

13   THE JOHANS*     Goodbye Again (Self-Released)

14   SOFTCULT*     Year Of The Snake [EP] (Easy Life)

15   TAWNI BIAS*     SEL Fellow (Self-Released)

16   ROOSTER37*     More of the Same Only Different (30/30)

17   ONNA LOU*     Dimante (Self-Released)

18   GHOST CARTRIDGE*     Ages 1 (30/30)

19   COLIAS*     Orford Sessions (Cuchabata)

20   ELAQUENT*     Long Drives To Nowhere (Urbnet)

21   JACOB CHUNG*     Epistle (Three Pines)

22   STEVEN LAMBKE*     Volcano Volcano (You’ve Changed)

23   MAGI MERLIN*     Gone Girl EP (Bonsound)

24   YVES JARVIS*     The Zug (Flemish Eye)

25   BLUE HAWAII*     My Bestfriend’s House (Arbutus)

26   SOPHIA BEL*     Anxious Avoidant (Bonsound)


28   APOLLO GHOSTS*     Pink Tiger (You’ve Changed)

29   BLUE J*     A Sign Of Good Luck (Nettwerk)

30   METAFLOOR*     Memento (Infernal Sounds)


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