Au-gust of Cold Wind Would Be Really Nice Right About Now

Au-gust of Cold Wind Would Be Really Nice Right About Now

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It’s unbearably hot outside, you get sweaty just from standing, and everything is on fire. It’s summer, and it won’t be for much longer. I can guarantee, though, that we’ll crave the summer again in the winter. There are some positive aspects to the summer, like vacations, cold treats, and sunshine, and today on Athina’s […]

CJAM Top 30 Charts // February 11th – February 17th, 2019

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1    SAME LATITUDE AS ROME* – Stay the Course (Self-Released) 2    VARIOUS* – Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other?s Music Vol. 2 (Self-Released) 3    DJ HULLEWOOD AND DJ CHASE MARCH – The Mix(ed) ape 2 (Self-Released) 4    ALLISON AU QUARTET* – Wander Wonder (Self-Released) 5    BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released) 6    THE LUCKIES* – […]

Singles Club Top 3 // December 2018

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  This month’s edition of the singles club featured 7 tracks from Windsor and Detroit, and our programmers played their favourites over the past four weeks, resulting in the following top 3: 1. The Gasoline Gypsies – Freaks and Nonbelievers (Detroit) 2. Honeymoon Bay – Home (Windsor) 3.  Christopher Fry – Jagqueen (Windsor) Want to submit your track […]

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