CJAM Top 30 Charts // January 7th – January 13th, 2019

*indicates Canadian Content

1    PAPA GHOSTFACE* –  What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

2    OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY –Meet You in the Shadows (Burger)

3    VOLUNTEERS* – I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver (Self-Released

4    SHAD – *A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

5    MATTHEW DEAR –Bunny (Ghostly International)

6    HUTTCH* – Huttchino (Self-Released)

7    HIGH PARADE* – The Ocean (Self-Released)

8    JOCK TEARS* – Bad Boys (Inky)

9    RACHEL BARTON PINE* – Blues Dialogues (Cedille)

10   STEPHANIE BOULAY* – Ce Que Je Te Donne Ne Dispait Pas (Grosse Boite)

11   URBAN SURF KINGS* – Astro Surf A-Go-Go (Self-Released)

12   ART D’ECCO* – Trespasser (Paper Bag)

13   THE AR-KAICS – In This Time (Wick)

14   RAIZA BIZA AND REMI – Black Hole Sun EP (Low Key Source)

15   CARBONAS –Your Moral Superior (Goner)

16   TOMORROW’S TULIPS –Harnessed To Flesh (Burger)

17   JOYCE MANOR –Million Dollars To Kill Me (Epitaph)

18   FRANCINE HONEY* – To Be Continued… (Self-Released)

19   ESCAPE GOAT* – Escape Goat (Self-Released)

20   LOGAN AND NATHAN – *Chasing Tales and a Few Other Things (Self-Released)

21   THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

22   CRAIG MOREAU* – A Different Kind Of Train (Self-Released)

23   ALL HANDS ON JANE –Animal Worship (Self-Released)

24   THE CASTOR TROYS* – Legends Never Die (Self-Released)

25   MARIE-VERONIQUE BOURQUE* – Une porte s’ouvre (Self-Released)

26   SHOOBIES* – Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

27   AUTOPILOT* – Afterglow (Self-Released)

28   FEVER FEEL* – Fever Feel (Self-Released)

29   SIEVI* – Rebirth (Self-Released)

30   WISH LASH* – Altar of Doubt (Self-Released)

2017 Fall Lineup Changes!

It may not feel that way temperature-wise but Fall 2017 is in full swing and CJAM has some exciting additions and changes to our fall lineup. Check out what’s going on below!

No Scrubs
NO SCRUBS // Tuesday’s @ 12pm

No Scrubs is a new program hosted by two fourth year nursing students. The show will bring forward various health-related and controversial issues and concerns in current events. Your hosts Emmerson & Farah will inform you with current health information and present various topics concerning health and wellness. There will also be interviews with health care professionals about health services in Windsor. Have a health question you want answered? Send an email to nursingcjam at gmail.com and your question might be read anonymously on the air! Check out the facebook page at www.facebook.com/cjamnoscrubs

The Windsor SceneTHE WINDSOR SCENE // Wednesday’s @ 2:30pm

The Windsor Scene, your spot for all live shows happening in the Windsor area, is moving to Wednesday afternoons. Mirella has some sweet stuff up her sleeve for the fall (including some in-studio performances from artists you’ll love) so keep it locked on Wednesday afternoons. Same time, different day.

Infinite Sound
INFINITE SOUND // Thursday’s @ 10:30pm

Welcoming Infinite Sound to our Thursday evening lineup! Immerse yourself into an array of FRESH, new music that creates vivid soundscapes. From deep house to hip-hop, and neo-soul to alternative down tempo, DJ Infinity will bring you to deeper euphoria.

Get to Know a CJAM Show: Hotel Internationale


Hotel International, Friday 2:30 – 4:00
Host: Vernon Smith

Tell me a little about your show:
“It’s an international music show. Basically sends the music of Windsor Detroit into the World and brings the world back to Windsor-Detroit.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
“When I was 15, before we were FM there was a summer program for youth. My mother worked at the University and thought it would be a good fit with me. So here I am, after many moves and years later.”

What was the first album you ever bought:
“With my own money, Let it Be by the Beatles at Woolco’s in South Windsor. I still have it, and it’s still somehow playable.”

Name one song that would represent your show:
“On the Dance Floor. The Beat Devils of Moscow broke radio here on CJAM.

Get to Know a CJAM Show: The Randomist Attacks


The Randomist Attacks, Friday 1:00-2:30
Name: Andrew Murphy

Tell me a little about your show:
“Essentially I go into my Itunes and put it on shuffle. I try to play the music I like.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
I started about early 2000’s. A friend of mine Dave Gould, who is now passed away, we decided we wanted to do a metal show. So we came here to talk to the music director and he said yeah. And from then we have decided to do other shows.”

What was the first album you ever bought:
“It was a vinyl album: Dressed to Kill by Kiss.”

Name one song that would represent your show:
“A Black Sabbath song, anything by Black Sabbath.”

Check out past episodes of The Randomist here.

Get to Know a CJAM Show: Pardon My French

plab3Show: Pardon my French, Thursdays 2:30-4:00
Host: Sarah Morris

Tell me a little about your show:
“Pardon my French is a music variety show that brings together French music from around the world for an English audience. I feel it can be difficult to access and understand French music if you don’t come from that background, so my show helps to expose people to new music that they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
“I was signed up before I started University at 18 years old during Welcome Week. When I started University I thought I was going to become a teacher, but through volunteering and radio my life has completely changed direction.”

What was the first album you ever bought:
“I bought a punk compilation when I was about 14 that had over 30 bands on it. It was so exciting to see an album that had so many artists I have never heard of before.”

Name one song that would represent your show:
“Notre Place – Paul Demers. It’s a cheesy over the top anthem celebrating the Franco-Ontario community. I want to represent different French communities around the world, and I also like a good dose of cheesy music on my show.”